How Much Do You Need To Start Matched Betting?

James McMath

12 Apr 2017

Updated: 9 May 2023

How much do you need to start matched betting? It's a frequently asked question among people thinking about starting out.

The amount of money you have to play with is referred to as your "bank" in the matched betting community.

As a general rule, the bigger your bank the better. The main reason for this is to allow you to cover bigger liabilities in the exchange, such as Betfair or Smarkets. This means you can find matches at higher odds odds and make more profit from each offer.

But what if you don't have a lot of money to start with? Well, that's OK. The majority of people who start matched betting do so with a relatively small bank.

The two offers in the free trial, for example, can be done with a bank of £50 to £60.

If you can afford not to have to dip into your bank and let your bank build up, your monthly profits should grow quickly. Everyone's journey will be different but here's what you could aim for

  • Start: £100
  • 1 month: £200
  • 3 months: £800
  • 6 months: £2,500
  • 1 year: £7,500
  • 2 years:£20,000

Expert advice

One of Profit Accumulator's matched betting experts has this advice:

"If you start with a smaller bank then just do the smaller sign ups and build your bank ready for the larger sign ups.

"You will have to be patient and your progress will be slower but you will still get there. It may take a few weeks to turn that £100 into £150 and then another couple of weeks to turn it into £200 but you will have still doubled your bank in a month.

"Do not worry about the larger monthly figures that other people are posting that they have made, everyone starts with a different sized bank and everyone's progress will be different.

"Just use those posts as motivation for where you can be in six months' or a year's time. It is important to keep building your bank so you can tackle the bigger offers and be able to do more reloads at once.

"Now everyone will have a slightly different journey, but if you can afford not to touch your bank for a year and you learn how to do everything and are patient then you can have a bank of £7,500 starting from just £100.

"Once you have this £7,500 bank then you can do all the daily reloads, the ITV offers and the acca offers comfortably and be making £2,000 a month plus."

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