How To Find The RTP Of Casino Games


9 Feb 2022

Updated: 14 Nov 2023

What Is Return To Player (RTP)?

The Return To Player, or RTP, of an online casino game is a percentage measure of how much you, as a player, can expect to get back, on average, over thousands and thousands of spins of that games.

Example: A slot RTP of 97% would mean that on average over millions of spins, for every £100 you spent on that slot, you would expect to get back £97. In this example, the casino would expect to make £3 profit on average for every £100 you spent. This margin, 3% in this example, is the casino’s house edge.

Why Is RTP Important?

RTP is an extremely important factor when completing online casino offers.

RTP plays a crucial role in determining how much value there is in casino offers, and how much profit you might expect to make.

The higher the RTP of the casino games that you use, the higher returns you will achieve on average.

Choosing the highest RTP games, when completing casino offers, will maximise your average returns and lead to higher profits over the long term.

For example, you're completing casino offers, and have a choice of a 97% RTP slot or a 94% RTP slot. For every £100 that you wager, you would get back £3 more (on average) by using the 97% RTP slot.

If you were to wager £9000 a year completing casino offers (about £25 per day), then the difference in return between a 94% and 97% RTP slot would be £270.

£270 more profit, on average, just by choosing the higher RTP option.

So its crucial that we always try to use the highest RTP options, as it will have a big impact on our profits.

How To Find Casino Game RTPs

At Profit Accumulator, when we post a guide to a casino offer, we will always give recommendations for games with a high RTP.

Sometimes though, there will be times when you will want to find a specific game's RTP for yourself.

Perhaps it's for an invite only offer that you've received in an email, or maybe you just want to try something different.

Casino games are required to specify the RTP somewhere within the game's settings. However, finding this isn't always easy at first glance.

But don't worry, here are some tips to remember:

  • Look out for help and information pages within the slot. Things like question marks, i symbols, help, settings, paytable options are all potential places where the RTP might be displayed.
  • Some sites will have an info section which shows the RTP before you open the game. Be warned that they don't always match up and the RTP found after loading the game will be the correct one.
  • The same game can have different RTPs on different casinos. In particular NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Play N' Go and Red Tiger slots can vary which is why it's important to double check before playing!


Desktop: Click the question mark icon > Scroll to 'RETURN TO PLAYER'.

Mobile: Tap three lines > Swipe to question mark > Tap question mark > Scroll to 'RETURN TO PLAYER'.

Red Tiger

Evolution Live

Desktop: Click question mark icon > Return to Player tab
Mobile: Tap three lines > Tap Help > Tap Return to Player


Desktop: Hover over cog symbol > Click Help > Scroll down to the bottom.

Mobile: Tap three lines > Swipe to Help > Tap Help > Scroll down to the bottom.


Pragmatic Play

Desktop: Click i symbol > Click arrows until you find game rules.

Mobile: Tap i symbol > Scroll down until you find game rules.


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