How To Make Money Matched Betting Without Free Bets


28 Mar 2022

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

If you are new to Matched Betting, you may be thinking - ‘What happens when I run out of free bets?’

The exciting news for you is that the initial signup offers are actually very much just the warm-up in Matched Betting.

The main event - and where you can make most of your profits from - are the reload offers (or bookmaker existing customer offers).

To see what’s possible - you join our 50,000 strong Facebook Community and browse numerous success stories from our members there. 

As you progress on your Matched Betting journey you will also learn that you do not always need free bets to continue making profits.

In this post, you will see five popular ways our members make money from Matched Betting that do not involve any free bets.

Price Boosts

Price boosts (or odds boosts) are the quick and easy way to make a profit.

You will likely have seen when bookies offer special ‘enhanced odds’.

Whilst these boosts are a ploy to try and attract more custom, you can often use them to lock in a profit. We can do this whenever the price boost odds exceed the lay odds at a betting exchange.

By placing a Matched Bet we cover all outcomes of the event to ensure we profit whatever the end result!

The Sky Bet Price Boosts in particular are very generous and a great way to lock in profit each week.

Cash Refund Offers

Some bookmakers run offers where you receive your cash stake as a refund if, for example, your bet loses.

You will find that these cash refund offers are normally for horse racing bets.

The beauty of these offers is that they are very simple to set up.

By placing a back and lay bet, a small qualifying loss is locked in and if the refund offer triggers, you get the cash refund - that’s it - you have finished the offer.

You do not have to then back and lay again with a free bet to lock in profit, because the reward was withdrawable cash.

You can see how we can even choose to lock in a profit with these types of offers in this horse racing refund offers guide.

2up Early Payout Offers

The 2up early payout offer is a football offer run exclusively for existing customers at a select number of bookmakers - the main ones being Bet365 and Paddy Power.

For regular punters, the offer in itself is quite simple:

If the team they bet on goes 2 goals ahead of the other team at any time – The bookmaker will pay them out as a winner regardless of what the final result of the match is.

For example, if you placed a bet on Chelsea to win vs Liverpool.

If Chelsea were winning 2-0 at half-time, your bet would be paid out as a winner, even though the game had not finished.

If Chelsea then went on to draw or lose at full-time, your bet would remain as a winner with a full payout even though your bet actually lost in the end!

You can use Matched Betting to give yourself a super low-risk chance of some HUGE profits using this offer!

As an Outplayed member, we’ll show you how.

Also get more information about the odds matcher

Extra Places Offers

In an attempt to attract more punters, many bookies run an offer where they pay out if your horse lands in an 'extra place' position - usually 4th, 5th.

Similar to the 2up early payout offer, you can use Extra Place offers to give yourself a super low-risk chance of a large return!

This is a highly profitable strategy that you can do multiple times every single day.

Extra places are particularly lucrative around big horse racing festivals such as the Cheltenham Festival.

It is worth noting that this is considered to be an advanced type of Matched Betting strategy.

It is best to build up your initial bankroll and experience by completing the signup offers.

Beyond this, you can move to horse racing refund offers first and then on to horse racing Extra Places.

You can learn more about this strategy in our four-part horse racing Extra Places guide.

Arbing (Arbitrage Betting)

Arbing in sports betting is when you can place bets on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit.

As long as you arb correctly, the profit is locked in regardless of the outcome of the event.

As good as Arbing sounds, as a Matched Bettor, you should stay away from these Arb bets as they will increase the chances of being gubbed.

You may have noticed that price boosts give the same opportunity as Arbs.

However, the difference with price boosts is that bookies are willingly offering more attractive odds. So taking that price boost will not make you stand out. In fact, it makes you appear just like a traditional gambler.

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