Is matched betting still worth it in 2020?


1 May 2020

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Every year those who are sitting on the fence about starting matched betting always ask us is it still worth it?

Our initial response is always the same one – if it wasn’t worth it for people then we wouldn’t still be here! :)

Why’s this? Well, without our thousands of members making extra money matched betting using our services on a daily basis then we couldn’t exist. It’s that simple.

As they are all still very busy making lots of extra cash for themselves with the help of our tools and resources...

...we feel very confident in telling you - Yes! Matched betting is definitely 100% still worth it in 2020 – even with a global pandemic going on!

(You can even see this for yourself if you like in our dedicated Facebook Group or with our recent reviews on TrustPilot).

How much are our members making though?

Whether matched betting is ‘worth it’ or not to you actually depends on what you’re hoping to make from it.

If you think it’s only going to be worth it if it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams then we’re sorry to tell you this – but it’s not going to do that. It is not any kind of get rich quick scheme.

If you would be very happy making anything from £200 to £1600 extra a month part-time as a side income then matched betting is definitely for you.

The monthly profits you can make with matched betting vary from around £200 to £1600 because they depend on how much time you are able to put in.

As a quick guideline here’s a table, using information gathered from our members in 2019, to help you decide if matched betting will be worth it for you based on how much time you have spare each week to do it:

Only you can decide if it will be truly worth it for you or not – but to be honest we often find it difficult to find people not interested in making at least £23 an hour tax-free for just a couple of hours work each week!

To show that we’re not making these numbers up here’s just a few examples of the annual 2019 profits reported by part-time members in our forum. (We can’t show them all as it would take up pages and pages!)

All our Platinum members started by doing our free trial, completing the offers there and upgrading once they saw how easy it was to profit with matched betting.

If you’re interested in starting too just sign up here.

Is it worth starting matched betting now during the coronavirus pandemic though?

Well, Mr Watkins provides an excellent example why it’s very worth started matched betting right now!

It’s amazing what’s possible when you put your mind to it!

(You can see his review for yourself among many others on TrustPilot here).

Even though there are limited sports available to bet on at the moment, matched betting also involves taking advantage of casino offers and bonuses too, as another one of our new members Dan found out...

Another reason why it’s really worth starting matched betting now is that you can build your bankroll (the money you use to bet with and grow your profits from) and your experience ready for when big sports, such as the Premier League return. Fierce competition between UK bookmakers will literally make them throw offers to their customers and you’ll be in the perfect position to take advantage of them all if you start now.

If you haven’t got a big bankroll ready and not built up your experience on different kinds of offers then you’re definitely going to miss out on lots of profits when sports are back!

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It’s also worthwhile joining the Facebook Group as there are over 5000 members there ready to help you, offer advice and show you the best ways to profit.