Your first few months with us

Lauren Shuckburgh

13 May 2015

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Something that can be a huge discouragement when you first start out with Matched Betting is having to wait to withdraw your funds. You’ll probably find that while you’re just beginning this system and you need to learn to be patient. Unless you already have a bit of cash to put behind this when you start, you can find yourself waiting a few days to withdraw your earnings before you’re able to use that money for another offer.

The first couple of months may be a little tedious, but never fear. It all gets a lot easier. Once you’ve made your first £2,000, the next two grand should be easier and quicker to achieve. And after that, you will have a decent enough bank behind you and you can make your decision about how much you want to make on a monthly basis.

Be that £2,000, £1,000 or just a few hundred pound a month, we can support you with your endeavour.

All of these targets are easily achievable but the higher the target, the more time you’ll need. That goes without saying, of course. Sam writes a great article about this over in the members’ area which if you’re a member already, you can sign up here.

A lot of people have questioned whether £24,000 a year is a realistic earning through this system. And it absolutely is. Looking back over the offers posted on the Platinum Members forum from the last seven days by ourselves and other members, there are hundreds of pounds worth of offers waiting to be completed.

Make the most of the time you need to wait to withdraw your money. Take a look at what you’ve already earnt and imagine what you’ll do when you’ve made that sum ten times over in a few months time.

Life is good. Make it better.