Best Matched Betting Sites

David Bagshaw

7 Aug 2018

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

If you're at the point of researching what matched betting is and how it works, you've probably seen a lot of mentions of matched betting services. You're probably asking yourself, do I need one?

If you need more information about what matched betting is, click here for our full guide.

Why Use A Matched Betting Service?

First of all, it's worth mentioning that matched betting can be done without the use of a subscription service. It is possible to do the process yourself, without the help of instructions, guides, software and support - but unfortunately the time it takes to do that groundwork makes the whole thing not really worth the effort.

In order to make it worth your while, matched betting services popped up to help take the legwork out of things.

Essentially it just makes the whole process easier and maximises your chances of making a good profit.

Remember, matched betting isn't gambling. Gambling relies on an element of chance. In matched betting the outcome of the event is irrelevant, it's about taking the right steps i.e. hedging your bet with a betting exchange to secure the profit from the free bet amount.

If you want to gamble that's obviously up to you. For example, you can play UK Live Roulette Games here.

What Do Matched Betting Services Offer?

For a monthly fee, services (like ourselves) will provide the following:

A full list of tried and tested offers with step-by-step write-ups and video guides. This means you don't have to spend time searching around bookmaker sites to know which offers to do, they are all handily laid out on our site. We also check all the terms and conditions so you don't have to.

We have an offers calendar which displays which offers start on which days and when they end. This means you can log in each day, check the calendar and complete the offers.

We also give each offer a rating, this is based on how easy it is to extract profit. Some are easier than others, some have more risk attached etc. We have already figured this out for you.

We have various pieces of software (Oddsmatcher, Match Catcher, Acca Catcher, Each Way Catcher, Dutching tool) which helps you find the close matches between bookmakers and exchanges to maximise your profit (amongst other things - each bit of software helps make a certain type of offer/approach much easier basically). We also have seventeen (!) calculators which help with the maths. Matched betting is essentially the application of mathematical probabilityEach calculator performs a unique function. If you feel stressed out about the maths, our calculators will make it as easy as possible.

The jewel in our crown is our forum. This is where you can chat directly to matched betting experts and receive guidance. we have our own administrators who work for PA and will answer any of your questions, we also have a team of moderators each picked because of their extensive knowledge, and also other members are always on hand to answer questions. It's a community which is designed to help.

Why Should You Use Profit Accumulator?

We've been around since 2014. We weren't the first matched betting site, but we were the first to take it mainstream. We have had over 100,00 paying customers over that time, which gives you an indication as to how many people have trusted us to teach them about matched betting over the years.

We’re the biggest, the best and the most trusted.

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The one thing that we have over everyone else, is the forum. It really is an invaluable tool to help with your matched betting journey. We're very proud of the knowledge and guides that are on our forum.

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