Refer a Friend Terms

How it Works

  • Tell a friend about Outplayed and we'll give you £60 to share. You get £30, they get £30. Win, win. 
  • Inside your referral page is a unique referral link, just send that to your friends and if they sign up to a paid membership, you'll automatically get credit. They must sign up via your dedicated referral page or they will not be linked to you.
  • Once the referred person has become a fully paid-up member for at least 31 days you'll both get paid £30 into your chosen PayPal accounts. Both subscriptions must remain active during this time.
  • If they start out with a £1 trial or discounted first month, the 31 day countdown will only start from their first full price payment. For example; the 31 days countdown would start from their first full payment of £39.99 for Platinum membership or £49.99 for Diamond membership (not when the £1 offer or discounted offer was taken).

Who can take part?

  • All Platinum and Diamond members can refer their friends, provided you're a full member. That means if you're on a £1 trial or a discounted first month, you'll need to wait until your first full payment.
  • You can only use this to refer people you know, not total strangers (use our affiliate program for that!).
  • No fictitious people, please. Don't try it, you won't get paid.

The Fine Print

  • No funny business. If you try and abuse the scheme by referring people you don't know, or fake users, or anyone that isn't a genuine customer, or multiple accounts per customer, or yourself, you won't get paid - and we also won't refund you. Don't try it, we're the masters at bonus abuse. If we have any doubts whatsoever, we won't pay you, and we'll ban you from the scheme.
  • Please do not include your referral code in Trustpilot review - if you do, we'll void all referrals associated with that link.
  • If you get paid and then later the referred user tries to seek a refund, chargeback or reversal, we have the right to demand repayment of the referral bonus.
  • We will most likely change this offer from time to time, like how much we pay for referrals, or when we pay, or how. We don't need to notify you in advance of these changes.
  • Any fraudulent behaviour will result in your account being permanently closed, with no refunds offered or payments of any kind.
  • At our sole discretion, Refer-A-Friend will be disabled during sale periods and cannot be used in conjunction with discounted/offer prices for any subscription memberships.
  • If you refer someone and they do not sign up via your dedicated referral link, using the form on that landing page, they will not be credited to you. If they forget to sign up in the correct way, we will not manually credit the referral under any circumstances.