Matched Betting Spreadsheet

James McMath

16 Feb 2017

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Most Outplayed members will agree that one of the most important disciplines when looking to make a regular profit is to stay organised. And that's why a matched betting spreadsheet is essential.

The types of matched betting you do will determine which spreadsheets you need.

Users of the Profit Accumulator forum have shared their matched betting spreadsheets for others to use.

2017 update: Monitor your money with Profit Tracker - no need for any more spreadsheets

There are plenty available to download and they are all free for PA members.

Download matched betting spreadsheet for tracking profits. It's a Google Doc and can be downloaded as an Excel sheet if needed.

PA recommends keeping an accurate record of your cash to the penny. As your matched betting journey continues, you are likely to have money in several accounts, as well as pending in withdrawals. Maintaining a record of where this money is will help you maximise your profits and decrease the chances of mistakes and even from being gubbed.

There are loads of useful spreadsheet for matched betting on the forum, which members can access.

They include:

Spreadsheets for Accumulators

  • Accumulator Refund Spreadsheet - Make a guaranteed profit on every accumulator bet.
  • Master Acca Calculator - Can do everything from sequentially laying, Lay All, Dutch All, Lay All SNR, Rec Bet and much much more.
  • 'Lay All' Spreadsheet - For laying all legs of an accumulator at once.
  • Multi-Lay Old - Old version of the accumulator sheet.
  • Accumulator Tracker Sheet

Tracking Profits

  • Simple Profit Spreadsheet - Use this to stay organised whilst keeping things simple.
  • UltiMatcher V4.05 - Comprehensive sheet that tracks everything you do - but takes maintenance and time.
  • Mug Tracking - A spreadsheet uses for keeping track of his mug bets.
  • Profit Tracker.


  • EV Calculator - Calculate the Expected Value of an offer.
  • Slot game RTP database - Learn which slots have the best RTP (Return to Player) %. This is important for casino offers.
  • 'IF' Offers calculator - Lock in a guaranteed profit on certain refund offers, such as "Refund if Both Teams Score".
  • Each-Way Bet Calculator - Calculate how to lay your Each Way bets on Extra Place Offers.
  • Matchbook Calculator - Matched betting calculator that works for Matchbook's commission structure.
  • BOG Lock In Calculator. - A calculator to help lock in BOG profit.
  • Each Way Calculator - Can operate in SNR mode so you can use free bets on extra place races.
  • Cash Out Calculator - Calculator to help cash out incorrect lay bets.
  • Bet Fixer - Calculator to help cash out incorrect lay bets and also partially unmatched bets
  • Boosted Odds Calculator - Lock in your boosted odds/winnings whether the winnings are paid as cash or free bet
  • Equal Profit Lock In Calc V2 - Lock in your potential refund should your bet win (overlay) or lose (underlay).
  • Double Delight/Hat-trick Heaven Calc - Calculator to work out qualifying losses and winnings for DD/HH offers.
  • Score Draw Lock-In Calc - Calculator to lock in profit from score draw refund offers.
  • Not-IF Calculator - Calculator to tackle refund offers where the IF Calc can't be used. Instructions here on how to use: Instructions
  • Paddy Power 2-UP Spreadsheet - Calculator for Paddy Power's 2-Up offer.

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