What is Gubbing and what does it mean?

For those of you that already know what gubbing is, or have had the misfortune of being gubbed yourself by a bookmaker, you'll know it's a pretty terrible feeling.

For others who aren't aware of it? Have a read on and hopefully you can prevent being gubbed by a bookie in the future.

What is Gubbing?

Essentially, gubbing is the act of having your account limited by a bookmaker. You'll get an email from the bookmaker stating that you have in fact been gubbed. Their email won't mention this term, but in amongst all of their jargon the same message will be passed across.

Some of you will be limited from all promotions, which will stop you Matched Betting with that bookie right away, as Matched Betting relies on these promotional offers. However, others will have their max stake limited, preventing them from placing bets over £5 for example.

Why were you Gubbed?

There are a few different reasons why you might be gubbed by a bookmaker. Although, all have the same result.

The most common reason when it comes to Matched Betting is simply because you've only been placing bets with the promotional offers. This is one of the big things bookmakers look out for when it comes to trying to crack down on Matched Betting. This is understandable as Matched Betting is one of the only sure fire ways of consistently taking money from them - so they want to stop it as best as they can.

Another reason you might be gubbed is for taking too much value from a bookmaker. Your account is graded on how profitable it is. So, if you're consistently winning money and not losing anything but a small amount, you will flag on their system and nine times out of ten will be gubbed as a result. This is a common problem for Professional Gamblers, not just Matched Bettors.

The final reason, and definitely the one to worry about the most, is for Multi-Accounting - often refferred to as Gnoming. I'm just going to preface this one by saying Multi-Accounting is borderline illegal. We don't condone it, and you certainly don't want to be caught doing it. But, it's the art of running two accounts in parallel account with one bookmaker, but with slightly different details (often a family member's) on one so as to not arise suspicion. However, unless done with extreme caution and precision, it's very easy for a bookmaker to spot this. One of the big ways this is spotted is through your IP Address.

How to Avoid being Gubbed

Fortunately, if you're smart from the start (rhyming genius), there are practices that can prevent you from being gubbed in the first place.

We recommend placing "mug" bets quite regularly with a bookmaker. Mug bets make your account seem like a normal punter's account, and as a result doesn't attract any scrutiny.

A mug bet is a normal risk bet with no guarantee of winning. Place them on varying high profile events. Such as the weekend's football, any finals being played, horse racing, etc. Change the stake from say between £5 up to £20. Basically, just bet like a normal punter. A lot of you probably do this already or have done in the past. It's not rocket science, but it is the best way to prevent being gubbed.

Another way to avoid being gubbed is to use common sense. If you're screwing a bookmaker into the ground, making hundreds of pounds off him and not giving any back, then he's not going to like it, is he? Look at it from a logical point of view, and bet accordingly.

How to be Ungubbed

This one if a bit more tricky. Usually, you just have to wait. There's no definite timeframe. It could be one month, it could be six, or it could be never. Just keep checking back to see if you're allowed to place bets at all stakes, or if you've received any promotions again.

If you have been banned from promotions, try placing a good few mug bets frequently as this could speed up the ungubbing process. Again, you're just trying to prove to the bookmaker that you can add value to them.

If you manage to keep your accounts in good order with bookmakers and have access to offers then matched betting can be very profitable. If you're looking to start profiting and earning some extra cash then start now and make money at Profit Accumulator.

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