How To Outplay The Bookies With Us!


5 Dec 2022

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Bookies are our natural enemy! They give us odds that are much worse than they ought to be, take our money quickly if we lose, question us if we win, and always seem to have a rule to fall back on if you ever find yourself in a conflict with them.

There is nothing more satisfying than pulling one over on the bookies, whether it is the thrill of snatching up a large sum of money from a bookmaker or, better yet, the anticipation of a single, enormous victory that will change your life!

As bettors, we are always looking for strategies to outwit the bookmakers and steal some crisp, clean cash from their hands.

But the real question is: Can you actually beat the bookies? The house always wins, after all. We examine three different strategies to beat those bookmakers in order to determine whether you can ultimately defeat them.

Check Out Matched Betting

By exploiting bookmakers' free bets and bonuses to your advantage, (also known as matched betting), you could make a decent return from the bookies. To accomplish this, you lay (bet against) the free bet (the offer) you placed with the bookmakers using exchanges like Betfair and Smarkets. It's easy to execute and can work brilliantly.

Although you can do matched betting on your own, using Outplayed is the ideal option to increase (and maximise!) additional earnings. To ensure that you never miss an opportunity to get one over on the bookies, we compile all the finest offers into one location, give you training videos on how to take advantage of them and keep providing them on a daily basis.

However, the secret to successful matched betting is to keep it a secret from the bookmakers, so you'll also need to engage in some "mug betting" to cover your tracks. However, if done correctly, matched betting might bring in some extra cash each month.

Matched betting is priority number one when it comes to smarter betting; it is a component of our bookie beating strategy and a reliable source of additional money that we can use to wager with or simply spend on other things. If you want to outsmart the bookmakers, incorporate it into your arsenal and you’re there.

Identify A Niche And Utilise Data

The internet's ability to provide bettors with access to a multitude of sports knowledge at the touch of a mouse is one of the best things about the modern era. Additionally, we can rapidly compare odds from a variety of bookies, wager on exchanges without worrying about our accounts being closed, and access a variety of free betting systems and theories.

The drawback to this is that everyone else can do it too! For instance, uncovering that a team has a large number of injuries is no longer particularly advantageous because everyone already knows that.

The greatest strategy is to carve out a niche in a particular market if you're going to go it alone and try to establish your own betting tactics.

It's unlikely to be successful to just say, "I like Chelsea this weekend; they're performing fairly well." If you want to defeat the bookmakers, you need to find a strategy, preferably one that is unique and not widely known by the betting public.

An interesting tool to use to truly utilise every piece of data at your disposal in a clear way is via Bet Dynamo. Bet Dynamo makes football statistics and choosing the right bet an easy task, no matter your level of experience.

It's a fully automated football statistics system that tracks and compares data from over 2300 teams around the world. The proprietary algorithm works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to identify the best bets every single day.

Take the Each-Way Value

Each-way bets are one of the few instances in which bookmakers' odds are calculated differently. The place element can occasionally represent value because the please odds are based on the win odds (at, for example, a quarter or a fifth of the odds).

There are many ways to take advantage of this value, but the horse racing and golf markets offer two of the best opportunities. Each-way bets are therefore a good way to get your stake back and still make some profit even if your horse doesn’t win. You will often see this type of bet abbreviated to EW or E/W.

Sometimes we might place bets each way as part of our Matched Betting routine. A great example of this is when completing horse racing extra place offers.

Horse Racing Extra Place offers can be an extremely lucrative source of income in Matched Betting and knowing how to place each way bets and use the each way bet calculator is absolutely essential. Using an The Outplayed each way calculator, you can place lay bets on our chosen horse to win and the horse to place. The calculator will tell you exactly how to place on each market.

Although there are strategies for defeating the bookmakers, you will generally need to either put in a lot of effort or use assistance from matched betting software and the calculators available.

Doing this, you can surely beat the bookies since there are people who do it, but the only people who will succeed in the long run are those who are willing to put in the work and have strict discipline. But if you do succeed, there is really nothing more satisfying.

Whatever method you use to battle the bookies, always exercise responsible gambling and only stake money you can afford to lose.

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