What makes us the best?

With years of experience in being the number one Matched Betting service, we know what it takes to make our customers happy. Have a read below to find out what makes us the best.


The UK's most
popular service

Since we started in 2014, we’ve had over 150,000 paying customers. That means we’re the UK’s first choice for Matched Betting.

You can ask some of these thousands of members all about what we do via our free, private Facebook Group.


Outstanding Tutorials

You're here to learn how to succeed with Matched Betting, and there's no better place to learn than Outplayed. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading video tutorials, allowing you to copy what we do and find out exactly how to exploit free bets and bonuses and turn them into cash.

We have more than double the amount of video content of any other Matched Betting service. With more than twelve hours of training materials, we'll turn you into an expert in rinsing the bookies.

Starting learning Matched Betting now with our completely free trial.

Extensive Offer Lists

Our dedicated team searches every day for all the most profitable bookmaker free bet and bonus offers. They meticulously test them and write step-by-step strategy guides; so that all you need to do is follow the instructions to profit.

We find and share more bookmaker free bets, bonuses and promotions to our Offers Calendar than any other Matched Betting service. In fact, in October 2019, our main competitor missed more than 100 offers that we posted, and we estimated them to have been worth more than £600 in potential profit. That's extra profit for Outplayed members, and tough-luck for everyone else!

This is the most vital part of any Matched Betting service. Even one single offer missed means a lost opportunity for you to profit.


Our Support Network

We offer 7 days a week full customer support via live chat, phone, email, messenger, and our forum. We're the only Matched Betting site that you can actually pick up the phone and talk to. We are proud to be that accessible to our members. Got questions? Get in touch with us here!

Be sure to join our free Matched Betting Facebook Group. With over 45,000 members, this is an incredible place to ask for help and get answers, especially if you are completely new to Matched Betting.


Matched Betting Forum

As the UK's most popular Matched Betting service, it only stands to reason that we've got a thriving community. With over four MILLION posts on our Matched Betting Forum, you've got the support of thousands and thousands of other people making money with Matched Betting. Whenever you have a question, or just want a chat, you can always depend on the Outplayed community to get you what you need.

Free Facebook Group

Our Free Facebook Group is the go-to place for tens of thousands of our members. Home to Matched Bettors of all levels, the group is absolutely invaluable for getting help and advice!

Feel free to join and say ‘Hi!’ - you will soon see how amazing and friendly the group is.


The Oddsmatcher

Our Matched Bet finding tool - The Oddsmatcher is an essential tool for anyone Matched Betting, as it essentially does a ton of the legwork for you by finding you the best Matched Bets to do. The Oddsmatcher does this by comparing the odds between the bookies and betting exchanges.

We've invested over half a million in developing this industry-leading software, giving it powerful, unique features and super-fast updates. With betting odds for all Matched Betting bookmakers, sports and markets, auto-refresh, powerful filters, and a sleek new design, we've really upped our game.

You can try out the Oddsmatcher yourself as part of our completely free trial.


Matched Betting Calculators

The Matched Betting Calculator is an essential tool for any Matched Bettor. This tool allows you to instantly work out how much to back and lay when completing Matched Betting offers, as well as your profit or loss.

Outplayed also features more than 10 advanced Matched Betting calculators. If you're interested in Matched Betting advanced reload offers, such as 2ups and Extra Places, then having our Platinum subscription that gives you full access to these calculators and to our guides on how to use them, would be extremely useful to you.

Match Catcher

Our Horse Racing Bet Finder - The Match Catcher is our unique, near-real-time horse racing odds checker software. In the UK, horse racing is a year-round sport, making it perfect for Matched Betting. This brilliant tool helps you take advantage of daily horse racing refund offers.

What makes Match Catcher so brilliant? Primarily, its speed. Many horse racing bet finders and oddsmatchers can take over three minutes to update... but ours updates in under 60 seconds. This is an essential service in Matched Betting, as horse-racing odds can change in a flash, and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to profit. No other horse racing software competes with this speed.

Add in a load of features, like alerts for particular races, qualifying loss filters, saved events, and automatic updates and you can see exactly why this software is an excellent idea if you're looking to go next level with your Matched Betting…

Acca Catcher

Our Accumulator Bet finding software, the Acca Catcher is an advanced tool which allows you to take advantage of bookmaker free bet offers and promotions on accumulators. Acca Catcher is incredibly powerful, constantly finding and building thousands of accumulator Matched Bets.

Acca Catcher comes with a host of features. You can keep track of your accas, knowing exactly how much to lay on each leg as it progresses. You can build your own accumulators from scratch, get alerted when it's time to lay the next leg and export them to CSV. There's a variety of other unique features, all as part of one powerful integrated piece of software.

Profit Tracker

When you're busy Matched Betting across 50+ bookmakers, it's easy to lose track of where all of your money is. In the past, anyone Matched Betting had to rely on spreadsheets to keep track, but those days are gone.

Our Profit Tracker is an amazing tool for keeping track of your Matched Bets and profits. It’s integrated with all of our core software, allowing you to quickly and easily update your profits directly and automatically from our calculator, oddsmatcher and other tools. All of your balances and profits can be easily viewed from your Outplayed account and can be easily edited at the touch of a button. Goodbye Excel, hello Profit Tracker.


Each Way Catcher

Our Each Way Bet Finder - The Each Way Catcher is an Advanced Matched Betting tool.

Each Way Catcher compares odds on Horse Racing each way bets between bookmakers and betting exchanges, automatically finding the best Matched Betting opportunities. Results can be filtered by bookie, exchange, rating, time, extra place offers, or live TV races. The integrated calculator shows a step-by-step guide on what to do.

Extra Place Catcher

The Extra Place Catcher is an advanced Matched Betting tool that helps you Matched Bet horse racing extra place offers. Extra Place offers exist where a bookie is paying out more places on an each way bet than the betting exchange. For example, the bookie is paying 4 places whereas the exchange only pays 3. In this example, if the horse finishes 4th, we win both our place back bet and our place lay bet - which has the potential to produce very large profits.

The Extra Place Catcher constantly compares bookmaker and betting exchange odds to highlight the very best Qualifying Matched Bets for extra place offers. It automatically calculates the stakes required for each stage of the backing and laying process, and tells you your qualifying loss and potential profit.



Not all Matched Bets require a back and a lay. In some situations, it's possible to place two or more opposing back bets which would still cover all outcomes. For example, if you were to bet on over 1.5 goals scored at Bookmaker A, you could then go and bet on under 1.5 goals scored at Bookmaker B. This type of Matched Betting is called dutching.

As you can probably guess, the Dutching Software finds and matches together opposing back-bets on thousands of sporting events, allowing you to easily place these dutch bets when the situation calls for it.

Offer Progress Tracking Tools

Forgetting about a free bet or free spins that you needed to use before they expired can be so easily done, but so frustrating - as it’s a missed opportunity to profit.

Our Matched Betting Offer Progress Tracking Tools can help you put a stop to that. The tools allow you to keep track of what you need to do and when, in a really simple way. They even allow you to get notifications direct to your mobile so that you’ll never forget to complete an offer.

Learn more about our Offer Progress Tracking Tools here.

Betting Exchange 0% Commission

We regularly partner with the Betting Exchanges to offer our members 0% commission on their lay bets.

Casino Offers

Online Casinos, just like the bookies, love dishing out special offers. As Matched Bettors, it is possible to take advantage of some of these incentives too.

Casino offers are only available in our Diamond Membership Plan.

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