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The key to £500+ a month profit from Each Way horse racing bets, without any need for free bets, by exploiting Extra Place offers.

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What is an Extra Place Offer?

When you place an each-way bet on horse racing, you're really placing two bets - one is a bet on the horse to win the race and one is a bet on the horse to place (which means finish in the top 3, 4, 5 - it depends on the race.

But sometimes a bookie offers an extra place. So imagine that most bookies and the exchanges are paying places on the top 3 - which means a place bet wins if the horse finishes first, second or third. However, one bookie decides that it’s going to pay on the top 4 - so the bet wins if the horse finishes first, second, third OR fourth. That is an extra place.

Here’s the magic though: When you lay this bet at the exchange, you’re still laying the top 3 market - so you’re betting against it finishing first, second, or third. This means that if the horse finishes exactly FORTH, you win both bets.

You win the back bet, because the horse placed in the top 4, and you win the lay bet, because the horse DIDN'T finish in the top 3.

All other situations are covered - if the horse finishes first, second or third, you win the back bet, you lose the lay bet - and if it finishes 5th or above, you lose the back bet, you win the lay bet. Just like with Matched Betting.

So we cover all outcomes, and if the horse finishes in that extra place, we get a MASSIVE payout. That is extra place offers explained.

The new Extra Place Master is a game changer. It's so quick to check for extra place bets across the whole days racing on one screen at the same time. I wish I'd had it sooner!
- OneTrickPony
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What does Extra Place Master do?

The key to profiting from these offers is figuring out just how likely it is that your horse will finish in the extra place - resulting in a payout. Until recently, it was basically impossible to do so - it was down to luck.

Extra Place Master is able to simulate the actual probability of a horse landing in that extra place. It does this using our proprietary algorithm which analyses every participant in the race in intense detail, and is able to precisely predict how likely a horse is to land in that extra place.

The result is that Extra Place Master is able to VERY accurately provide you positive value bets - which you can repeat again and again and again to create a profitable and consistent revenue stream.

We tell you which horses to bet on, you place the bets, you get value. It's that simple.

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A Smarter Way to Bet

Bets placed using Extra Place Master are mathematically sound. We are not trying to predict which horse will win or finish in the extra place, we are looking for mathematical value. We're looking for bets where the probability of a horse winning is higher than the payout would imply. That is how you get a long term edge - and that is the same methodology bookmakers use to make millions (when they do it right).

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