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Price Boost Pro

Our Price Boost software finds bets where the bookies have boosted the odds, allowing you to lay those bets for an immediate profit.

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Why It's Great

What Are The Benefits?

Easy to use

All boosts in one easy-to-read tracker


Filter by bookmaker; no more alerts for gubbed accounts!


Ranks by EV


Direct link to each price boost.

Built-in Calculator

The built-in calculation will figure out your lay stakes.

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What is a Price Boost?

Bookies frequently "boost" the prices of certain bets as a promotional tool - for example if the normal odds of a horse or football team is 2.0, they might temporarily boost the odds to 2.5 or 3.0. This creates an arbitrage opportunity because the lay odds might only be 2.2 or 2.3 - which means you make an immediate profit.

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Why Price Boost Pro?

Price Boost Pro displays all currently known price boosts in a simple table, allowing you to very quickly identify all profitable opportunities and get your bets placed in a matter of seconds. Price boosts tend to be very short term, so getting on them quickly is an essential part of making money from them.

Price Boost Pro will also send you notifications based on your personal preferences to alert you immediately when new boosts are posted.

So what are you waiting for?

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Price Boost Pro is available as part of an Outplayed Pro subscription. Outplayed Pro is our top tier service for those that really want to take their betting profits to the next level, which includes our BEST and most profitable software.

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