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2UP Master

The 2UP Master accurately calculates the probability of your 2UP bets paying out, allowing you to quickly find the best value opportunities and ensure you profit long-term.

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What is a 2UP Offer?

A 2up offer, or early payout offer, is a promotion offered by a couple of bookies. If you bet on team in a footie match and they go 2 goals up at any point in the match, they will immediately pay you out as a winner - even if your team goes on to lose or draw.

So imagine you bet on a slight underdog and they have a lucky start to a game - going 2-0 or 3-1 early on. Any two goal advantage results in an immediate payout on your bet - regardless of what happens in the rest of the match.

By Matched Betting on this offer you can lock in some potentially huge profits. 2up offers are the crème de la crème of football offers, with many pro matched bettors relying on 2ups exclusively for their profits.

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Why use 2up Master?

The trick with 2up offers is betting on teams that have a good chance of going 2 goals up and then going on to lose or draw. That's not easy.

That is exactly what 2up Master is able to do. Our secret algorithm factors in thousands of data points including scoreline data, momentum effects, home/away advantages and a great deal more. The result? We know which bets are value and which aren't. We can ensure that your 2up strategy is absolutely winning.

We tell you which bets to place, you place them, and you watch your profits soar.

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How much Profit can you make with 2up Master?

For many Matched Bettors, 2ups are their primary source of profit. They are a slow burner that requires a lot of time and a decent bankroll, but they are incredibly valuable and you can bet on basically every major football match to achieve that value.

Most 2up bets presented by 2up Master have an Expected Value of 3-9%, so you can expect to make £3 to £9 for every £100 stake (on average). The top Matched Bettors will do dozens and dozens of these bets each month, so you can see how that profit quickly adds up.

So what are you waiting for?

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