Blackjack Strategy Calculator

Use our simple blackjack strategy calculator to get an edge over the house. Quickly analyse any blackjack hand and increase your odds of winning.

How to use the online blackjack strategy calculator?

Firstly set the rules of your Blackjack game:

In the help section of a Blackjack game, it will tell you whether Surrender is allowed, and whether a Dealer stands or hits on Soft 17.

If you can't find the rules then assume Surrenders are NOT allowed and the Dealer will STAND on Soft 17 (this will almost always be the case).

Next set the card that the Dealer has, this will be the card at the top of the screen. Click the + under 'Dealer' and then choose the card they have.

Now input your hand. Click the + under 'Card 1' to choose your first card, and then the + under 'Card 2' to choose your second card.

The calculator will then state the best strategy action to take (the one that will minimise the house edge).

What do the different moves mean?

Hit - When you hit, you will be dealt another card. Input the card you've been dealt into the calculator to find out the next move.

Stand - By standing you will receive no further cards and you're done with the hand.

Split - By splitting, your two cards will be split into 2 separate hands. Click Deal Again on the Strategy Calculator and then calculate each of your new hands individually as separate hands.

You can then start again with your two new hands you have after splitting.

Double - By doubling you will be dealt just one more card. You're then done with the hand. Sometimes you're given multiple options for your next move, this is because blackjack rules can differ. Always select the first move (in this example below this is double) if you're allowed to, if not then choose the second option.

Bust - If you get over 21 the calculator will tell you that you're bust and the hand is over.

Insurance - Whenever the dealer has an Ace (A) you may be offered insurance. Always say NO to this.

Why use the blackjack strategy calculator?

If you want to beat an online blackjack dealer, it's very important to know what their advantage is and what the odds are. The house usually has a slight edge over the player (but not by much!).

The house edge and best strategy is often overlooked by players. Our strategy calculator will help with this. We have used mathematical probabilities to work out the best moves to make. Our blackjack calculator will calculate the best possible option for winning, by telling you what your next move should be.

It will help you learn how to play blackjack smartly by eliminating potential errors.

Try our online blackjack strategy calculator now. It's completely free to use.

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