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The Oddsmatcher

The Oddsmatcher finds profitable matched bets automatically by comparing the odds of both bookmakers and betting exchanges. It is the ultimate Matched Betting tool.

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The Heavy Lifting Done For You

What does it do?

The oddsmatcher compares the odds of more than 100 bookmakers and betting exchanges and calculates the most profitable back and lay bets for use in Matched Betting.

Every back and lay bet is given a percentage rating to show the overall return of the bet. Any rating over 100% results in an immediate arbitrage profit without needing any free bets.

For Matched Betting, we typically aim to place bets with a rating of 95% or above - with the aim of then unlocking a free bet to make our profit.

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Effortless Automation

Automatic Bet Placement

With a single click, the Oddsmatcher can automatically calculate and place the correct lay bet for you on any selection with a betting exchange - all you need to is place your back bet and one-click to lay.

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What bet do you want?

Endless Customisation

Need to bet on horse racing? Football? Minimum odds? A particular game? The oddsmatcher can be easily filtered to return the best bets for your particular requirements.

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No Refreshing Required

Real-time Updates!

The displayed odds update in real time. As soon as the bookmakers update, so does the oddsmatching software.

How It Works

Matched Betting in 4 easy steps

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Step 1

Find a bookmaker offering a free bet - say bet £5 get £20.

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Step 2

Sign up to that bookmaker and place a bet with the - let’s say Chelsea to win against Tottenham.

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Step 3

With another betting website, place a bet against CHELSEA, making sure to cover the Draw aswell, to ensure that you break even regardless of who wins.

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Step 4

Get your free bet, and do it again - we bet on Chelsea, and we bet against them somewhere else. The draw is also covered.

How does the Oddsmatcher help with Matched Betting?

The bulk of the work with Matched Betting is in finding what to bet on. When Matched Betting, we typically start by finding a bookmaker that's offering some kind of free bet or promotion. The bookmaker normally requires you to place a qualifying bet in order to qualify for the free bet. For example, they might require you to place a £10 bet with odds of 1.5 or higher.

Since we're matched betting, we know that any time we place a back bet with a bookmaker, we're also going to place a corresponding lay bet with a betting exchange in order to make it risk-free. The problem is that the odds on the exchange can differ a lot from the bookie - and the further apart the odds are, the less profitable the bet is (or the higher your qualifying loss).

The key therefore is to find bets where the bookmaker back odds are very close to the exchange lay odds. For a qualifying bet, this can mean that your qualifying loss is minimal, and for your free bet, it means your profits will be greater. This is what the Oddsmatcher does for you - it finds bets where the bookie back odds and the exchange lay odds are close together, and ranks them for you based on profitability.

All you have to do is place the recommended bets and you'll qualify for your free bet, and you then repeat the process again using "free bet" mode to lock in a profit.

The Oddsmatcher tool is brilliant and makes things so much easier and simpler.
- Harrison R
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