Can You Make A Living From Matched Betting Full Time?


29 Apr 2024

Updated: 13 Jun 2024

Matched Betting is an amazing way to make money online from home to generate a side income, but for most people, it isn’t a reliable alternative to a job or a replacement for your main income.

With that said, many people make incredible amounts of money using Matched Betting which is why it’s often referred to as the best side hustle in the UK.

In this post, you’ll find out why Matched Betting shouldn't be seen as a replacement for your regular income, how some people might manage to do “full time Matched Betting” and what you can expect to earn depending on the time you dedicate to it.

Why Is Matched Betting Not A Full Time Job?

Earnings from Matched Betting can vary enormously depending on factors like your starting bankroll, the amount of time you have to put in, whether you’re using a brand-new set of accounts (or multiple sets), and whether you’re also doing a range of different offers.

Whilst you can make exceptional profits over the long run, your progress can be affected by factors such as being gubbed, seasonality or offers changing. Because of this, your monthly income from Matched Betting can vary significantly; you might make £1200 one month and £300 the next! You need to be prepared for your earnings to go up and down from month to month.

Ideally, you’ll be using a dedicated Matched Betting bankroll that is separate from your regular income and expenses so that you can grow your bankroll, allowing you to take on more offers which means much more profit.

Having the pressure of earning X amount of money each month from Matched Betting just to pay your bills wouldn’t be a good idea and would likely lead to mistakes and unnecessary stress. For this reason, Matched Betting is best considered as a separate income that should be put towards savings - which you could then use for a holiday, a car, or in some cases - a house!

Is It Possible To Do Matched Betting Full Time?

Although it’s not usually recommended to do Matched Betting full time, we’re well aware that people manage to do it. This will ultimately be due to specific personal circumstances that allow it and a thorough understanding of the risks involved.

The main factor is how much you need to live. For example, if you’re someone who is close to retirement, has good savings and a solid pension and only needs to earn £500+ a month to cover their expenses, then Matched Betting would be a great solution for them without needing another source of income.

There may be other circumstances that allow individuals to do Matched Betting full time but for most people, it will be unrealistic. If we take the average UK household budget of around £2,700 a month then it’s clear you won't be making that much on a regular monthly basis from Matched Betting.

With all that said, there are people that do Matched Betting as their only source of income, but they would typically have a large bankroll, plenty of experience, and access to multiple accounts. They would also move beyond simple Matched Betting into additional ways of value betting. It is possible to make multiple thousands of pounds a month in this way, but this would not be realistic for most people.

If you’re working part-time or in between jobs and are looking for a stop-gap, then Matched Betting is an excellent activity you should be doing.

What Can You Expect To Make Using Matched Betting As A Side Income?

You can expect to make over £850 from the initial sportsbook signup free bets, and thereafter you can make £300 - £1000+ a month from reload offers for existing customers. You can also make over £1400 from casino welcome offers and a further £300 - £1000+ a month from casino reload offers.

An ongoing average side income of around £500 is realistic and achievable for most people if they can spend around 5 hours a week Matched Betting.

This amounts to around £6,000 a year of tax-free income and can certainly make a real difference for most people and could be used for holidays, cars or special occasions such as weddings.

How Can You Maximise The Amount Of Money You Make From Matched Betting?

If you have the luxury of a large bankroll and plenty of spare time to dedicate to Matched Betting, you’ll need to focus on doing as many offers as possible to maximise your profits.

The top Matched Betting earners achieve profits of £1000+ (or more) each month by prioritising valuable offers first, some of which are more advanced than others.

Once you become very efficient at the basic-intermediate level reloads (e.g. Horse Racing Money Back Offers, Price Boosts, Same Game Multi Bets and similar) you’ll be ready to move on to the more profitable advanced Matched Betting offers which include, Extra Place offers, 2up Early Payout offers and Casino Offers.

Extra Place offers

Extra Place offers are a popular horse racing offer available at many bookmakers and all experienced top-earning Matched Bettors will regularly be doing them.

An “Extra Place” is when the bookmaker says they will add one (or more) additional places to their standard place classification on a particular race.

So, for example, they may offer to “pay 4 places on a race” instead of the standard 3 places. The 4th position in this instance is then the “Extra Place”.

You can place a matched bet so if your horse finishes in that 4th position in a race (the “extra place”) – you make money – and usually pretty good money too!

Experienced Matched Bettors are using the powerful Extra Place Master tool available with our Outplayed Pro membership to make an easy £500+ a month from these Extra Place offers.

2up Early Payout offers

2up Early Payout offers are a football promotion where a bookmaker offers to pay your bet out as a winner (in cash) if your team leads by 2 goals at any point in the match (unless a different payout trigger is stated).

Using Matched Betting, can mean huge potential profits if your team leads by 2 goals but then fails to win the match. The key is finding the right value bets that are profitable long term and our revolutionary 2up Master software makes finding these 2up Early Payout opportunities a breeze.

Casino Offers

Casino offers will add to your variety of offers giving you another type of Matched Betting income stream to help you make more profits.

You’ll use a completely different, but equally clever, strategy to make profits when doing casino offers.

Unlike Matched Betting sports offers, you’ll not be laying off bets when doing casino offers. You can’t lay off a spin on a slot machine. There is no ”casino betting exchange” when doing casino offers.

The key foundation of casino offers strategy is that you’ll only ever do offers with a ‘positive expected value’, otherwise known as +EV.

You don’t need to worry about finding these +EV offers or how to do them as we only list +EV casino offers with full instructions on how to complete them.

As a Matched Bettor, you will ONLY EVER do +EV casino offers and having the right mindset for these offers is essential.

All these +EV offers are available with our Diamond membership, when you’re ready to move to these types of promotions be sure to take time to learn how casino offers work first.


Although Matched Betting should not be seen as full time way of making a living, it’s possible to make a life changing amount of money if you put in the time and effort.

Enjoy making extra tax-free money from home and be sure to check out our top Matched Betting tips to help you maximise your profits this year.