Making the most of the PA Forum


21 Dec 2020

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

Not one for using online forums?

That’s fine – but when it comes to the Profit Accumulator Forum you absolutely need to make an exception.

Why? As the PA forum is literally a fountain of Matched Betting knowledge – when you know where to look and how to use it to its full potential.

This is where this guide comes in – as a helping hand to get you started on the forum. We recommend using it as a reference point until you really get to grips with using the forum properly.

We cover the basics of the forum first – so if you’ve already mastered those and just want to see where you need to go to find lots of profits – skip down to the section ‘Using the Forum to Help Your Matched Betting Profits’.

Get to Grips with the Basics of the Forum

Forum structure

When you first open the forum it can seem a bit over-whelming and confusing – but don’t worry it’s actually not.

The forum is structured in a really simple way – with Main Categories, then Subcategories (which sit inside the Main Categories). All types of category have a symbol associated with them (e.g. a horse for horse racing reload offers).

Here are a couple of examples:

In both Main Categories and Subcategories both the Profit Accumulator team and members, like you, can write a ‘Topic’ . Topics can be identified as they have the symbol of the PA team or of the members who first wrote the topic.

Here are a few examples of topics put up by the PA team in the Main Category “New Members Discussion”

Then some topics put up by some members as well...

A topic is the start of a specific conversation about something.

To view the topic in full you just click on the title.

Here we’ll use the topic “New Member saying hello” by ‘thecoder11’ as an example:

(It's also worth noting that 'Topics' can also be referred to as 'Threads' or 'Chat Threads' too among the members).

When you access a topic, you can then reply to that topic by hitting the big blue ‘Reply’ button.

Each reply by a member to a topic is called a ‘Post’ or 'Reply'.

Now you Know How it Works it Time to Explore and ‘Say Hello’

If you’re new to Matched Betting and the forum you are best to head straight for the Main Category ‘New Members Discussion’.

Read through the first 5 topics pinned to the top of the category by the PA staff:

  • How to use the forum
  • Advice for new people
  • Starting out plan
  • Common questions when starting out
  • Common mistakes when starting out

You will find these topics extremely useful and full of the best advice for beginners. Miss them and miss out!


When you’re ready please go into the topic ‘Welcome to PA – Please Introduce Yourself’, hit the big blue ‘Reply’ button and say hello to everyone!

New and need help or have a question?

In the New Members Discussion category head straight for the topic: New Members General Chat.

If you need help or have a question – in this topic hit the blue ‘Reply’ button and post your question, starting with the tags @administrators and @Moderators, just like AnniM did here:

Other super useful topics for beginners

In the subcategory Beginners Guides (within the New Members Discussion main category) there are some more useful topics to read through for beginners.

We highly recommend the topics “Betting Exchange Overview & Discussion” and the “Exchange Integration Guide” within that subcategory.

Finally, if you head to the sub-category ‘Sports Training’ then the subcategory ‘Finding Your Bets’, the topic ‘What to Bet on Today’ is brilliant if you have no clue about sports and/or what is best to bet on each day.

Using the Forum to Help Your Profits from Matched Betting

Topics ‘O Knowledge on the Forum

To be highly profitable and efficient over the long-term in Matched Betting there are certain habits you must pick up. The most important habit to master is that of gaining essential knowledge through reading what others have done before you and what they’re doing now.

After our guides the forum is the best place to do this.

The forum is where many elite members like Alun hang out on a daily basis – and is where these members drop numerous titbits about refined reload offer strategies that are working for them.

We really can’t emphasize enough how important following key members on the forum and reading through reload offer topic guides and discussions is to enhancing your profits. Once a week instead of watching a TV program you really don’t need to watch sit and read on the forum instead. You’ll be amazed at what golden nuggets of advice pop up that can seriously take your profits to another level.

So where can you learn about what on the forum? Here are a few pointers to help you get started depending on your interests...

General Matched Betting & Using the Forum

Starting Reloads

All Things Casino (accessible to Diamond Members only)

Learning Advanced Reloads

For even more useful reads – visit the forum here.

Topics ‘O Gold

Now we come to our favourite topics of the forum – the ones that help make us lots of money!

These are the topics you want to be watching whenever you can if you’d really like to boost your monthly profits with Matched Betting.

How do you watch a topic?

By selecting the ‘Not Watching’ button (a bell icon that's crossed out) at the top of the topic and switching it to ‘Watching’ (a bell icon)

Next to your profile icon you will then get notifications pop up every time there is a new post in that topic (via the 'filled in' bell icon).

Here’s an example of notifications coming from the Bet365 2up topic:

Now the key thing to understand about notifications is that you only really want them popping up when it helps you make money.

This is why many of the most profitable topics on the forum are marked as ‘NO CHAT’ as many experienced members want to make the best use of their time and only see notifications for posts that help them make profit.

If you watch these topics too you will also not want to see random questions popping up when you’re looking to make quick profits. Therefore, if you have a question or similar comment about anything to do with an offer you see please be sure to go to the ‘Questions’ version of the topic first before posting. The link to the appropriate questions thread is usually included near the top of the ‘NO CHAT’ topic:

Profitable Topics to Watch

The topics we recommend to watch for great profits include the following for reload beginners:

Then for those who are ready for more advanced reloads:

Profitable Topics to Follow

For a quick rundown of what offers to do on a daily basis:

  • Top Offers Of The Day (Our team of Matched Betting experts update this daily with a list of reload offers that have a balance of simplicity and value to help you maximise your profits)

This is one of the most popular topics on the forum and we can’t recommend enough to check this every day as and when you can.

Other Extremely Useful Profitable Topics to Keep an Eye on

Don’t Miss Any Profit – Follow the OffersTeamPA

Never want to miss an offer?

This is easy to solve – all you need to do is follow the Profit Accumulator Offers Team on the forum.

How do you do this?

Open the forum then go to ‘OffersTeamPA’ here

Then click the green plus sign to follow the team and you’ll see every offer that they post in the forum and get a notification pop up each time they do.

Extra Tips for Using the Forum


Topics and/or posts that are really useful and/or result in good profits are frequently ‘upvoted’ by other members.

Here’s some example of members upvoting good profit posts on the Price Boosts Thread:

If you see a post with lots of upvotes like this in one of the NO CHAT topics, it’s worth trying to do as quickly as possible before it goes!

Mobile Notifications

If you want to get notifications from some of the key forum topics straight to your mobile you can do that by following this guide here.

Want to know more about Matched Betting?

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Alternatively you can also contact us directly for support too.

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