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294 days since I discovered Outplayed and have just broken the £15k mark! Can't quite believe it.
- Phill
So, what is it?

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a way of turning bookie free bets into guaranteed cash. We do this by placing multiple bets on the same event to make sure we cover every possible outcome, and we use free bets to lock in a guaranteed profit.

That’s right, win, lose or draw, you’ll make money!

People all over the UK choose and trust Outplayed to learn about matched betting. We've already taught over 150,000 in the UK how to do it, making us the #1 Matched Betting service.

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The Biggest In The UK

Who are Outplayed?

I'm Sam Stoffel, the founder of Outplayed. I started Matched Betting as a student in 2010 and used it to fund my way through university, earning over £20k whilst I was a student.

I started Outplayed to teach anyone - from any background - how they can use this technique to make hundreds (or thousands) of pounds in profit.

Outplayed has helped hundreds of thousands of customers like you since we started. One of your friends might have already used us.

What People Are Saying

Member Testimonials

Here are a few of our favourite reviews...

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Excellent service, backed up by knowledgeable staff who give fantastic back-up support if needed. Extensive training videos available, and they go the extra mile to ensure you succeed. Can't recommend highly enough.

- Eddie

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This service is amazing! All help required to make a success of it is freely available and the Facebook group and forums give you a chance to seek any advice you need.

- Matthew

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I was a bit circumspect regarding this idea. I wasted a lot of time looking for bad reviews but I couldn't find any. It is really working, I am still going slow but results are coming and the community is fabulous! Highly recommend it.

- Dragos

How It Works

4 Steps To Outplaying The Bookies

How it works step 1
Step 1

Find a bookmaker offering a free bet - say bet £5 get £20.

How it works step 2
Step 2

Sign up to that bookmaker and place a bet with the - let’s say Chelsea to win against Tottenham.

How it works step 3
Step 3

With another betting website, place a bet against CHELSEA, making sure to cover the Draw aswell, to ensure that you break even regardless of who wins.

How it works step 4
Step 4

Get your free bet, and do it again - we bet on Chelsea, and we bet against them somewhere else. The draw is also covered.

Comparing Matched Betting

Other Betting Systems vs Matched Betting

Still wondering what the benefits of earning money with matched betting are compared to other betting systems?

Comparison - other betting systems

Other Betting Systems

  • When following other betting strategies like tipsters, you're risking everything. There are no guarantees and you could lose every penny.
  • Tipsters rely on luck - they try to sound like they know what they're talking about when discussing form and ground, but they have no idea if a horse is going to win or fall at the first hurdle.
  • Tipsters are often affiliates of bookmakers that depend on you losing money. They make money when you lose.
  • You have to wait around for tips and hope they win.
  • Most tipsters only stick around for a short while because their system isn't profitable.
Comparison - matched betting with Outplayed

Matched Betting With Outplayed

  • As long as you follow the instructions correctly, it is impossible to lose money with Matched Betting.
  • Matched Betting is entirely based on mathematics. We don't care whether a bet wins or loses because we cover all eventualities and use promotions to secure a profit.
  • Bookies hate Matched Betting because it costs them a fortune in free bet payouts. We actively work against the bookies - so we're always on your side.
  • You can lock in Matched Betting profits any time of the day.
  • Matched Betting has been around for years, we've had 150,000+ paying customers over the past 10 years because it works.
Easy to use platform with lots of information and training videos. Which I found very useful as I started to make my first profits. Really enjoying the process.
- Mark
What People Are Saying

Real Stories. Real People.

Here are a few of our favourite messages we've received from customers sharing their personal journeys and experiences...


Some Of Our Favourite...

Software Reviews

We've collected some of our favourite reviews for our software below

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What You'll Learn

Things You Get

  • Step by step instructions and video tutorials to teach you EXACTLY how to turn the welcome bonuses of more than 50 bookmakers into almost £1000 of guaranteed profit
  • The secret that our members use to make £500-£1000+ of profit per month with with your existing bookmaker accounts
  • State of the art betting software that automatically calculates and recommends guaranteed-profit-bets that you can place with a click of a button
  • Access to our community. With thousands of active members, there is no other source of knowledge around profitable betting anywhere on the web. Everyone works together to help maximise profits, share knowledge, and get one over on the bookies.
  • Optional membership upgrades give access to dozens of other proven ways of profiting from the bookies, including casino bonuses, horse racing each-way bets, accumulators, lucky 15s, and more
  • Our risk-free guarantee: use our service for up to 30 days, and if it’s not for you for any reason, you can get a full refund (excluding Pro membership); although I’m willing to bet you won’t want to!
  • 0% commission on exchange bets - we partner with Matchbook to give you 0% commission on your lay bets, so you can keep all of your profits to yourself.
  • 7 day a week dedicated support - we’re absolutely committed to your success. Call us, email us, live chat us, message us on Facebook, Instagram - whatever you want, we’re here to help you make money.

7-Day-A-Week. Live Chat, Phone, Email, Forum.

World Class Customer Support

No automated responses. We're there every day ready to answer your questions - no matter what they might be. It's what sets us apart.

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