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Acca Catcher Software

Acca Catcher is a cutting edge Profit Accumulator Matched Betting tool that helps our members to guarantee profits from football accumulator bets.

Matched Betting on accumulators is often considered an advanced Matched Betting technique. But, with the Acca Catcher tool, Matched Betting on accumulators becomes significantly quicker, easier and less stressful.

Acca Catcher constantly scans the betting odds and compares millions of combinations of accumulator to generate the BEST accas for Matched Betting.

Alerts can be set up to make sure you never forget to lay your bets and the powerful calculator tells you exactly how much to lay.

The Acca Catcher is part of our awesome range of Premium Tools, available exclusively to Platinum and Diamond members. If you are already a member, you can watch a video tutorial on using the Acca Catcher to profit from Matched Betting on accumulator offers.

Why Accumulator Offers Are Important

Accumulator Offers can form are a major source of long-term profits for Matched Bettors.

An accumulator is when your bet includes multiple outcomes, which all need to win for you to win. For example, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all to win their matches on a given weekend. This is known as a treble.

If one of those teams fails to win the bet would be lost.

There is a huge variety of offers available on accumulators, including refunds such as acca insurance.

An example of an acca insurance offer would be 'place a five-team accumulator and get a free bet if one team lets you down'.

As shrewd Matched Bettors, we can use the Acca Catcher to take advantage of such accumulator offers.

Using the Acca Catcher, we can lay each leg of an accumulator bet for a small qualifying loss. Then, if one leg lets us down, we will recieve a free bet which we can profit from.

Matched Betting on accumulator offers is a longer-term strategy, in that you might not make a profit every time.

But, if you keep your qualifying losses low and do as many offers as possible, then over time it will pay off and can result in fantastic profits.

The rules of accumulator offers often vary by bookmaker, but the Acca Catcher automatically factors these in.

Placing acca bets is also a good way of keeping your account active as accumulators are popular with non-matched bettors. Mug betting online is how you keep your accounts from being limited, or "gubbed", by bookmakers and using acca catcher to place accumulators is a great way to keep bookmakers happy.

Using Acca Catcher To Profit

There are a few ways to secure a profit from accas. The most simple way is to place an acca, and lay off each leg at a time.

You'll make an overall qualifying loss but, if only one leg lost, you'll receive a free bet, which can be used to generate a profit.

Acca Catcher makes doing this easy and will let you know when each leg needs to be laid.

Not every accumulator bet will win but, over a time, matched betting on accumulators can be very profitable.

Like Match Catcher and the oddsmatching software, Acca Catcher has a range of filters to make finding your accas easy.

The software pre-builds qualifying accas and users can filter by bookie, exchange.

Acca Catcher shows us the expected value (EV) and potential qualifying loss of each acca, the combined back and lay odds and the start and end dates of each accumulator.

Acca Catcher also allows users to save their accas using the 'my accas' tab, as well as the ability to export the data as a CSV, for users who like to keep offline spreadsheets of their work.

Ready To Find The Best Accumulator Bets?

The Acca Catcher is part of an incredible range of features available exclusively to our Platinum and Diamond members.

If you’re new to matched betting, then grab our free trial to make your first £40+ profit.

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