The 2up Master: Maximise Your Early Payout Profits


20 May 2024

Updated: 13 Jun 2024

2up early payout offers are by far the most profitable football offer around. Finally, the Matched Betting world now has a tool that accurately calculates the probability of your 2up bets paying out - the result - the 2up Master will help you make more profits than ever!

The 2up Master available with Outplayed Pro uses an algorithm that factors in thousands of data points including scoreline data, momentum effects, home/away advantages and a great deal more. This means you’ll know which bets have a positive expected value (EV) and are worth doing and which ones aren’t.

In this article, you’ll learn how the 2up Master works, how to use it and some top tips to maximise your early payout profits.

How Does The 2up Master Work?

The 2up Master formulates the actual value of your bets and the chance of a full turnaround (not just the qualifying loss and the potential profit).

The software instantly shows you if a 2up bet is worth doing or not. This means no more stressing or second-guessing over what makes a good bet when looking at a team's odds or what league the match is from - the 2up Master shows you exactly what you’re looking for - the best value bets available so you’ll never miss the most profitable 2up selections.

How To Use The 2up Master

The 2up Master is extremely powerful but also super easy to use. If you’re already familiar with odds matching software then you’ll be comfortable using the 2up Master.

You’ll see the best value bets available listed in order from the top of the display. The key columns that make the software so valuable are the EV% (estimated value) and FTA% (full turnaround).


This is the expected value of the selection. In simple terms, this is a rating of how much value there is per £100 stake. For example, a 110% EV means that the long-term value of a £100 stake would be £10.

The 2up Master quickly identifies which bets are worth doing and you can see that is the EV% is above 100% then it's a profitable bet in the long run. If it's under 100% then it's not profitable and therefore not worth doing.


This represents the actual chance of a “full turnaround” - this means the chance of your team going two goals up during the match but then failing to win the match.

This information is a crucial piece of information that allows us to calculate the estimated value of a selection. You can use it to identify optimal selections with a greater chance of a lucrative full turnaround.

When you’re ready to place a bet, you can open up the Matched Betting calculator icon next to your selection to see what your lay stake and qualifying loss will be to back and lay your selection.

The calculator displays your potential full turnaround profit if you don’t trade out your bet using the early payout calculator after your team goes up two goals.

How Much Can You Make From The 2up Master?

Users of the 2up Master are making several hundreds of pounds profit each month using the bets found by the software. The amount you can make will depend on the size of your Matched Betting bankroll and the volume of +EV bets you can place. The two main things to focus on are EV and volume.


The 2up Master will regularly find positive EV (estimated value) bets of between 100% to 120%. Let’s say you manage to place 30 2up bets over one weekend and take a conservative amount of EV of 105% on average using moderate £25 back stakes:

This would bank you £1.25 worth of EV each bet and £37.50 total EV.

Many of our experienced members have gradually increased their back stakes over time and you can do the same if you’ve built up your bankroll. Doing this means you can take more EV using the same bets.

Using £100 stakes in our example would bank you £5 worth of EV each bet and £150 total EV.


You’ll often be able to place many bets per week during busy European football midweeks followed by full weekends of football fixtures across the globe.

It’s not uncommon to place between 50 - 100 2up early payout bets if you have all early payout bookmaker accounts open and you manage your back stakes according to your bankroll.

You can use the “My Bets” feature to store your bets from the calculator and track the total amount of EV you’ve taken. This will give you a good indication of what you can expect to make over the long run as you accumulate more EV.

What Size Stakes Should You Use?

Your stake size will largely depend on your bankroll as you’ll need enough funds to cover your back and lay stakes for each selection. You’ll also want to place several 2up bets where possible to give you more chances of a selection going two goals up within a match rather than using a large portion of your bankroll to place just one or two bets.

The larger stake you use on a positive EV bet, the more value you'll take. However, take your time to build up your stake size at a particular bookmaker to help you avoid being gubbed. If you usually place £10 bets at Bet365 for example, don't suddenly jump to £100 bets, try gradually increasing your bet size over the weeks starting at £20, then £30 and so on so you don’t attract unwanted attention on your account.

When Is The Best Time To Use The 2up Master?

You’ll find that loads of value bets are available most days but the standout time for value will be on Saturday mornings ahead of a busy weekend of football fixtures. With a huge number of fixtures taking place, the software has a wide range of matches to identify value.

You’ll also find plenty of value available midweek when there are multiple European or league fixtures taking place around the world.

Top Tips When Using The 2up Master

Considering 2up early payout offers are by far the most valuable football offer around you’ll want to do your best to maximise your profits when using the 2up Master.

The only downside with 2up early payout offers is that you can’t do them if you’re gubbed so it’s important to do all you can to avoid this.

You can follow our top tips to help keep your accounts healthy and ensure you maximise your profits.

Get 0% commission

Ensure you take advantage of the 0% commission deal with Matchbook. Paying 0% on your lay bets will increase the amount of EV you take with each bet and keep your qualifying bets lower.

As you increase your stakes, paying 0% commission at the exchange will greatly affect your overall profits.

Make Sensible Selection Choices

Try to stick to popular selections to help you blend in with regular punters who’ll be placing the same bets. If you regularly take good value bets showing on the 2up Master on little-known teams, you’ll stand out as someone who is using specialised software to identify value.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

Bet365 are the best bookmaker that offers early payouts. Most value will be found here alongside Paddy Power.

With that said, several other bookies run the offer. Try to have all the bookmakers listed on the 2up Master open and ready to use as there will be some value bets that come up allowing you to take value at other sites rather than hitting Bet365 and Paddy Power for every 2up bet you do.

Avoid Arbs

Arb bets are where the bookmaker odds are greater than the exchange lay odds allowing you to lock in a qualifying profit rather than loss.

As tempting as this may be, avoid doing this at all costs when doing 2up offers as you’ll quickly get gubbed taking these types of arbitrage betting odds. You’ll make far more in the long run by resisting temptation and avoiding these types of bets.


You’ll now see the huge potential of the 2up Master. If you’ve already been gubbed by the bookmakers that offer early payout offers - all is not lost - you can use the Extra Place Master which is also available with Outplayed Pro to take a huge amount of value from your gubbed and restricted accounts.

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