Betmate Review 2024


28 Mar 2024

Updated: 5 Apr 2024

Now for something a little bit different, and £20 in free bets to boot...

Betmate's motto is #NotABookie and that small statement sums them up nicely.

Here we have a new fun and social take on betting in a sleek and easy to use app. Unlike a traditional bookie where you're placing your bet against a faceless company, with Betmate you're pitting your sports predictions against other real people (and possibly even your own friends with their private pot feature).

The premise is simple:

  1. You pick a 'pot' you'd like to enter. 
  2. Pay an entry fee (currently ranging from £3 to £10). Everyone's entry fee goes into a cash pool which will be paid out to the winners.
  3. Make your predictions (for example in a 'Full Time Result' pot you would pick a bunch of teams you think are going to win).

If you outperform the other entrants in your pot then you'll take home the cash! Sometimes it'll be winner takes all, sometimes you don't even need to come first to win.

That's the important part though, there's always a winner. Whether that's you or another person in the pot, someone will win the cash.

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Although you can't lay any bets using the usual Matched Betting methods, the free £20 is tremendous value for a small outlay of £10.

You can split up your bets into any size you like - for example you could use the free £20 to enter 4 x £5 pots, or 2 x £10 pots.

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Available on both iOS & Android Devices Here

Pot Types


These are pots set up by Betmate. Anyone can join and everyone's entry fee goes into the cash prize pool. 

Entry fees are currently £3, £5 or £10 depending on the pot. The prize funds can also vary - some pots will only have small amount of entrants (better chance of winning but a smaller potential prize). Others pots will have many players involved but offer a prize pool in the hundreds or thousands!

There's nothing stopping you entering the same pot multiple times with different picks. If you want to give yourself a bigger chance of winning a prize this can be a good way to split your free funds.

Some pots will have a jackpot attached. This will give a huge extra payout if you guess everything correctly (e.g. all 12 of your Match Result predictions are correct).


This is a brilliant feature that allows you to set up your own pot for you and your friends (with no fees).

Game Types

Each of the pots on offer have a different game type. They all follow the same concept in that you're picking selections you think will happen, but what you're picking can vary.

Every pot has a live leaderboard - this serves as a nice interactive way to see how you're currently fairing against the other players and to see if you're currently on track to take down a prize.

Select the Full-time result of matches (e.g. selection 1. Arsenal, 2. Liverpool, 3. Draw, 4. Chelsea, 5. Draw etc.).

Select Yes or No to whether both teams will score in the given matches.

Select a player you think will score in the given matches.

This game type is a it of a curveball. Survivor is a "Last Man Standing" style pot where you select a single team. If your team fails to win then you're knocked out. The last player remaining will be the winner.

Betmate's take on fantasy football. Pick 7 players for a game round and accumulate points for goals, assists, tackles and more!

Sign Up!

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Betmate make everything super clear at every stage so it's really easy to see your progress towards the freebie.

Available on both iOS & Android Devices Here

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