10 Beginner Tips To Make The Most Out Of Cheltenham 2024


22 Feb 2024

Updated: 6 Mar 2024

The Cheltenham Festival is the most profitable time of the year for anyone Matched Betting.

Cheltenham is extremely popular with regular punters as bookies fight it out to make sure they get as much custom as possible.

This gives YOU a chance to take advantage of four days FULL of special offers.

Cheltenham is your opportunity to make some amazing profit and give your starting bankroll a huge boost!

In this article, you can follow these top 10 tips to help you make the most out of Cheltenham this March.

If you’re not brand new to Matched Betting you’ll be ready to jump right into our Ultimate Guide to Cheltenham.

1 - Be Prepared

The Cheltenham Festival 2024 will take place from Tuesday 12th March until Friday 15th March. Make a note on your calendar as you won’t want to miss this!

Be sure to at least understand the basics of Matched Betting before Cheltenham starts as it's so important to know your way around the Oddsmatching software and Matched Betting Calculator if you want to make the most out of the festival.

If you are trying to learn too much in a rush it will likely result in you being overwhelmed or making a mistake.

Make sure you join the Facebook Group as the Outplayed Team will be running a series of live training webinars and similar events in the weeks before the festival.

2 - Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others

Some Outplayed members will make serious profits during the 4 days of the Cheltenham Festival.

With that said, the top earners not only have years of experience, but they’ve also built up a significant Matched Betting bankroll - of several thousand pounds.

This allows them to complete a large number of offers, and do more advanced Horse Racing offers, like Extra Places, using higher stakes.

As you’re relatively new to Matched Betting, you’ll likely not be making thousands of pounds profit during the week.

If you compare your profits to others, you’ll feel disappointed and demotivated.

As a new Matched Bettor, you should view the Cheltenham Festival as a brilliant opportunity to boost your early profits.

You must remember all Matched Bettors started with the basics. By completing the signup offers, learning new strategies and growing their profits gradually.

If you keep this mindset there is no reason why you too won’t be making significant profits during Cheltenham 2025.

3 - Look Out For Super-charged (Enhanced) Signup Offers

In the build-up to Cheltenham, bookies are desperate to get your custom.

You will notice that some bookies will have enhanced signup offers.

An example of an enhanced signup offer would be:

‘Bet £10 Get A 40 Free Bet’

Instead of:

“Bet £10 Get A £20 Free Bet”

You can follow our instructions to extract even more profit from these offers.

If you spot any enhanced offers that seem more complicated, don't panic!

You can reach out to our customer service team who will be happy to help you.

4 - Learn About Horse Racing ‘Refund If’ Offers

Horse Racing Refunds, also known as “Horse Racing Money Back If” offers are a simple and effective way for you to boost your profits.

You’ll be able to do these types of offers on all four days of Cheltenham as there are tons of them around. They’ll be listed in the Reload Offers area each day.

Examples of these types of offers are:

- Get a Free Bet if a certain horse wins and your bet loses.

- Cash Back or Free Bet if your horse finishes 2nd/3rd or similar.

5 - Have These Important Accounts Open And Ready

Some bookmakers traditionally run very generous offers during Cheltenham.

We’ve identified these for you as:

- Sky Bet

- Paddy Power

- Bet365

You should aim to have these accounts open and ready to go at a bare minimum.

You’ll find that ALL Bookies will be running some sort of special Cheltenham offer for both new and existing customers.

But as you’re new to Matched Betting, aim to have these three at least open if possible.

6 - Set Up 0% Commission With Matchbook

You should have 0% commission at Matchbook exchange if you joined them via our link during your free trial. If you missed this for any reason, please contact Matchbook customer service and they can help set that up for you.

Paying 0% commission on all your lay bets throughout the festival will help you make extra profit on each offer you complete.

7 - Check Your Inbox

Bookies will send you a whole load of promotional content during Cheltenham. If you're not getting any through before Cheltenham, make sure you've opted-in for promotional emails, SMS and similar from them.

You may find a few more gems than usual during this time.

As you’ve recently signed up to these Bookmaker sites. They’ll be making a special effort to keep your custom.

So expect some generous offers that you can use to earn some extra profits!

8 - Sort Any Pending KYC Requests

As part of the UK Gambling regulations, bookies are required to verify your identity. This is sometimes referred to as a KYC (Know Your Customer) request.

It protects both you and the bookmaker against issues such as underage gambling.

You’ll find that in most cases you will be verified automatically, so you won’t need to do anything.

Occasionally a Bookmaker will email you and request a picture of a certain document to prove your age and identity.

It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve replied to any pending KYC requests before Cheltenham begins.

This way, you’ll have full access to all your current Bookmaker accounts and can focus on completing offers and making more money!

9 – Make A Plan Of Action

With so many offers at one time, it’d be easy for you to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You can avoid this by taking time the night before or in the morning to jot down the offers you intend to do each day.

You can use the “Top Offers Of The Day” page to keep super organised and up to date with the best offers. This page is a compilation of the top sports reload offers available each day so is the perfect place to start when doing reload offers.

10 - Enjoy It!

You should see Cheltenham as a bonus chance to boost your early profits.

You’ll be in a much better position next year to attack Cheltenham 2025.

By Matched Betting, please enjoy this fact:

You’re going to be in a small percentage of people who’ll make a profit from betting during Cheltenham.

Interested in Getting Started Matched Betting?

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