Hit more Price Boosts and Same Game Multis with our new Multi Lay Bets Calculator


20 Apr 2021

Updated: 9 Feb 2023

For those of us who love good returns out from Price Boosts and Same Game Multi Bet Offers (i.e. your Build A Bets, Pick a Punts etc.), our world just got a whole lot bigger thanks to our brand-spanking new Multi Lay Bets Calculator.

(Big shout out to Ollie and Steven from the PA team for their wonderful creation!)

Before you read this guide or start to use the Multi Lay Bet Calculator, we recommend that you understand how to do the following offers with the typical single lay bet approach first:

Price Boosts (Enhanced Odds Offers) – introductory guide available here - then full guide available here

Same Game Multi Bets – introductory guide available here - then additional guide available here

What is the Multi Lay Bet Calculator?

A Matched Betting Calculator that enables us to place two or more lay bets on different outcomes at once on the same market at a betting exchange so that we can cover the outcome of certain Price Boosts or Same Game Multi Bets available at the bookies.

What does the Multi Lay Bet Calculator do for us?

Price Boost Offers: More quick opportunities return

In recent years many of the bookies have started offering more complex Price Boost Offers that we haven’t been able to lay off quickly and easily with a single lay bet.

As a quick example, instead of giving an odds boost on a single outcome, such as “Manchester United to win 1-0”, the bookies started offering odds boosts that were on multiple outcomes to happen, such as “Manchester United to win 1-0 or 2-0”. Although these boosts are far more appealing to the average gambler – for those of us Matched Betting they were frustrating as they couldn’t be quickly and easily layed off at the betting exchanges.

Now, thanks to the Multi Lay Bets Calculator, we can now hit these types of Price Boosts quickly too and not miss out on any more easy return.

Same Game Multi Bet Offers: More bet options to choose from

With Same Game Multi Bet Offers we’ve frequently been restricted in the choice of bet we could build at the bookies by the single lay bet options that were available at the betting exchanges.

Restricted bet choices meant that we sometimes had to either accept a higher qualifying loss than we would have liked on the offer or forgo the offer altogether due to too high a qualifying loss.

Now, thanks to the Multi Lay Bets Calculator we have a good few more Same Game Multi Bet choices available, and therefore a much better chance to find a matched bet that gives us a smaller qualifying loss and a better overall return.

More choices on Same Game Multi Bets may also we useful when placing mug bets to avoid being gubbed.

How to use the Multi Lay Bets Calculator

The Multi Lay Bets Calculator guide can be found in the forum here.

This forum chat thread is also the place to ask questions about the calculator if you have any.

We highly recommend reading the guide above before you attempt to use the Multi Lay Bets Calculator which is available in the Advanced Calculators section or directly here.

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