Holidays paid for with matched betting earnings

James McMath

24 Jan 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

People use matched betting to make money for all sorts of reasons.

Some are able to dedicate enough time for it to pay the same as a good full-time salary.

Others use it to supplement their income and pay for little treats.

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How much can be made from matched betting really depends on the person and their circumstances.

Plenty of Profit Accumulator members have used their profits to pay for or help pay for holidays.

Three weeks in Orlando booked for November

Paris, Orlando, Madeira and Cape Verde all feature on the list of places visited by Profit Accumulator members thanks to their success matched betting.

A thread on the PA forum asked members for their travelling tales. Here's some of the responses:

cdm said: "Took my kids to Paris last summer for four days. Not the most exotic place you will have people say they've been, but I doubt I would have had gone without my matched betting money.

"Or at least, it certainly made the decision easier to make."

GClarke said: "Have just booked to take my family to Orlando in August and will all be paid for through matched betting."

Fisherm3, who has made £48,000 since February 2015, said: "Paid for my wedding last year and two weeks in Disney Art of Animations Resort in Florida and all the spending money that came with it."

Jools said: "Three weeks in Orlando booked for November."

JJJJ2934 said: "Paid for a five-star holiday in Madeira last summer - a better hotel than Ronaldo's who was opening his down the road at the time."

Axeman said: "Ten days in northern Italy last November, Florence, Bologna, Venice and Milan all funded by PA matched betting profits."

Scallywag said: "Two weeks in Rhodes last year, two weeks in Cape Verde this year. Couldn't have done it without PA."

Portlock3 said: "I went to Rome last year the week following Cheltenham festival with my girlfriend, paid for by the horses of course."

MRC said: "PA pays for all my holidays, and it also paid for the boat I purchased in August."

SimonP said: "Paid for my honeymoon at the five-star Ushuaïa in Ibiza. Stopped in the 'Anything Can Happen Suite'. A truly stunning hotel."

Snorri85 said: "Hiking in Iceland then backpacked from north Croatia through, Montenegro, Albania and Greece last year."

"This year, looking at Cambodia and Vietnam."

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