How To Make Money Without Using Any Horse Racing Tips

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24 Jan 2022


Are You Looking For Winning Horse Racing Tips?

Do you want a quick list of horse racing tips that you can simply back to win and watch the money come pouring in?

As absolutely lovely as that all sounds, the truth is, nobody knows what the outcome of any horse race will be. Nobody. Not even the bookies.

But then how is it possible that the bookies always win in the long run?

In this post, we’ll look at why most horse racing tips are a complete and utter waste of your time and money.

BUT don’t worry, we won’t stop there!

We’ll explain how you can operate in the same way as the bookmakers and can make a profit over the long term - like they do!

There’s no big secret behind these awesome horse racing betting strategies we use to put consistent cash in our pockets.

It’s all done by following a very simple process that doesn’t require any horse racing tips. Not a single one.

The Reason Why Horse Racing Tipsters Actually Want You To Lose

No matter what tipsters tell you about 'form', breeder, who the jockey is or what the surface is like - it's ALL COMPLETE NONSENSE!

Most, correction, sorry, ALL online betting tipsters will make a profit each time their horse racing tips lose.

You heard right, it means they win when their tips (and you) lose.

You may have noticed that betting tips websites and social media accounts nearly always include a special offer or link to a bookmaker website.

When you click a tipster’s links and join a bookmaker, the tipster will earn a share of any money you lose at that bookmaker, every single time you lose.

This means that, in actual fact, it really is in the tipster’s best interest for their tips to lose - as then you lose money and they make it.

Just to drill this home - horse racing tipsters want you to sign up to a new bookmaker, use their tips and then profit from your inevitable losses from those tips!

Why Do The Bookies Always Win?

Bookies win consistently because their strategy is to lock in relatively small but guaranteed profits. It’s smart. It’s simple. It makes them a heap of money.

Essentially, bookies offer odds to punters that are unfair and firmly in their favour.

By doing this, they can basically control their losses and lock in a profit on each and every horse racing event they take bets on.

As you can imagine, the bookies follow this practice religiously on any horse race, football match or other sporting events.

Despite this, there is a way you can put the odds in your favour and beat the bookies at their own game.

Furthermore, you can start doing this today!

How You Can Beat The Bookies and Never Ever Have To Look At A Horse Racing Tip Again

In all seriousness, very soon you’ll see how you can make money betting on horse racing without knowing a donkey (there’s a pun there!) about racehorses, jockeys, owners or racecourses.

Before taking a look at these ultimate profit-making horse racing betting strategies, you need to have a little bit of background on the method we will be using.

It’s called Matched Betting.

Put simply, Matched Betting is a method of turning free bets, boosts and similar special promotions offered by online bookmakers into real cash - regardless if the horse you’ve bet on wins the race or loses it.

How is this possible?

By covering all of the potential outcomes of a horse race.

When we do this, we can either make a quick instant profit or consistently take value (put the odds in our favour) to make ourselves profit over the long term.

Want to see this basic strategy in action?

We have a completely free trial you can join! (Like - completely free - we don’t take any card details or ask for any payment - just register with your email address - that’s it).

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Once you’ve got your free trial just watch the training videos and it will all suddenly click into place.

If you haven't got a Coral and Betfred account - you can follow along to make yourself around £45 cash!

Already have a Coral and Betfred account?

Don't worry! Drop our Customer Service team a message. They can help you use those accounts to make money from existing customer offers.

The Absolute Best Profitable Horse Racing Strategies That Work Every Time (LOOK! No Tips!)

Similar to the bookies, you will never need any horse racing tips to be profitable from betting on horses. (Serious - no tips needed - none at all!)

You can use these different Matched Betting strategies to help you profit long term.

Once you finish the free trial videos, you can grab a Profit Accumulator Platinum membership. You will then have full access to all of our tutorial guides, tools and software.

This will help you profit from these offers and strategies really easily - like thousands of our members already do.

Horse Racing Refunds

Bookmakers run a promotion where they refund your stake as a free bet or cash if your horse finishes in a certain position.

You can take advantage of this by simply placing two different bets.

By doing so, you give yourself an extremely low-risk chance of making a profit.

You can use our live Oddsmatching Software to quickly and easily find the more profitable bets to use!

There are over 20 different bookmakers running this type of offer each day across a whole range of horse races.

This means there are numerous opportunities to profit from horse racing refunds each and every day.

You can learn more about this strategy in our detailed Horse Racing Refunds guide.

Horse Racing Extra Places

Bookies are always competing with each other for more custom.

In an attempt to attract more punters, many Bookies run an offer where they pay out if your horse lands in an 'extra place' position - usually 4th, 5th.

By essentially placing just three different bets, you can cover all outcomes of a horse race.

This then gives you a super low-risk chance of a large return!

This is a highly profitable strategy that you can do multiple times every single day.

Extra places are particularly lucrative around big horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham.

It is worth noting that this is considered to be an advanced type of Matched Betting strategy.

It is best to build up your initial bankroll and experience by completing the signup offers.

Beyond this, you can move to horse racing refund offers first and then on to Horse Racing Extra Places.

You can learn more about this strategy in our four-part Horse Racing Extra Places guide.

Want To Find Out More About Matched Betting?

Why not ask our members yourself?

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Our Facebook Group, which currently has over 35,000 members is a great place to get answers and ask for help, especially if you are completely new to Matched Betting.

Interested In Getting Started Matched Betting?

You can start learning with our completely free trial and make your first profits today.

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Alternatively, upgrade to our Platinum Membership here. You can easily make the membership cost back within an hour or so once you get the hang of things. Talk about value for money!

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Updated: 19 Nov 2023


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