The Lucky Finder: How To Unlock Huge Value


12 Mar 2024

Updated: 13 Mar 2024

There’s a brand new tool in the Matched Betting world that allows you to take more value than ever before possible.

It’s the perfect mix of being EXTREMELY PROFITABLE and super simple to use!

The Lucky Finder uses a unique strategy to take MASSIVE value using Lucky 15 bets that’ll make you look like a regular mug punter meaning you stay under the bookmaker’s radar for longer.

In this article, you’ll learn how Lucky 15 bets work, why they’re well worth doing and how you can use the Lucky Finder to make this your most profitable year so far.

What Are Lucky 15s?

A Lucky 15 bet is created by adding 4 selections to your bet slip from different races/events.

The Lucky 15 includes all the combinations of bets possible for those 4 selections:

- 4 singles

- 6 doubles

- 4 trebles

- 1 four-fold

This leaves you with 15 bets in total, hence the name - Lucky 15.

A 50p L15 bet would cost you £7.50 in total (50p x 15 bets = £7.50)

L15s can also be placed as each way bets (which you’ll be doing when using the Lucky Finder).

For an each way Lucky 15, there are 30 bets in total (since it now includes bets on each of the horses to place as well as win).

A 50p each way L15 bet would cost you £15 in total (50p x 30 bets = £15.00)

Other combination bets are available such as a Lucky 31. A Lucky 31 bet includes 5 selections: 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator.

You’ll find yourself mainly placing Lucky 15s as over the long run they’ll give you a good balance between variance and securing a high amount of value.

How Are Lucky 15 Bets Profitable?

When you place a bet at odds that are higher than the fair chance of the outcome happening, you will have placed a +EV (expected value) bet.

Generally, when horse bets are +EV, the value is found in the place part of the each way bet.

By adding four each way +EV horse bets to a bet slip, the place bets are all combined, these bets compound quickly to generate higher EV bets within the Lucky 15 bet slip.

So, although placing each way single bets on all of those four horses would still be +EV, by adding them all to one bet slip, the EV is multiplied and compounded giving you significantly more value - and profit over the long term.

At first glance, this strategy can seem complicated but as you’ll find out later, the Lucky Finder makes the process simple and is arguably the easiest and fastest tool to use!

The Maths Behind It

Let’s say you have two break-even horses, both with 50% win EV and 150% place EV (100% average, so therefore break even).

You place a £10 each way bet (£20 total stake) as an example.

What is your EV when combined in a double each way bet (which is essentially two bets - £10 bet on both horses to win, and £10 bet on both horses to place)?

You have a win bet with a value of:

50% * 50% = 25% (you'd expect to lose £7.50 per £10 staked)

and a place bet with a value of:

150% * 150% = 225% (you'd expect to win £12.50 per £10 staked)

This means you'd be £5 up overall from your £20 stake (a 125% return).

Therefore, given this compounding effect, even break-even horses can create +EV betting slips.

These calculations can get a little tricky when moving onto Lucky 15s because of the different combinations, but fortunately, the Lucky Finder software does all this for you.

Extra Benefits

Account Health

Lucky 15 bets can help you avoid being gubbed for longer as these bets are a type of accumulator bet that bookies love.

The value you’re taking is harder to identify compared to singles and many normal punters place these types of bets too helping you blend in.

Use Your Gubbed Accounts

You can use your gubbed and restricted accounts to place Lucky 15 bets helping you take tons of value from accounts you thought were previously of no use.

Special Offers

Some bookmakers offer special bonus payouts of 2 or 3 times your money if only one of your horses in your bet slip wins - this increases the value you are taking by a large margin.

Bookies often don't advertise this bonus so it can be difficult to know what sites will give you the extra payout but these can be seen as an additional benefit on top of the amazing value you’re already taking.

How To Use The Lucky Finder

The Lucky Finder - available with Outplayed Pro - accurately finds profitable Lucky 15 bets for you in an instant.

You don’t need to do any calculations yourself, you simply choose a bookmaker, click ‘search’ and the software will show you four selections to add to your bet slip and place your Lucky 15 bet - that’s it!

You can then repeat the process using the same or other bookmakers to place multiple bets throughout the day to take an insane amount of EV!

How Much EV Can You Take?

You’ll find that placing these L15 bets is a fast process and you can soon wrack up a hell of a lot of EV each day.

At the bottom right of the software, you'll find your ‘Overall EV’ and your overall odds for each Lucky 15.

The Overall EV is the most important thing and this tells you how profitable your bet is. For example, if your total stake is £10 and your Overall EV is 121.7%, the long-term value of this bet is £2.17.

What Size Stake Should You Use?

This will depend on your bankroll and tolerance to risk but we recommend betting around £0.20 - £0.50 each way on an each way Lucky 15 to begin with.

As an each way L15 is 30 bets, this would be £6 to £15 per bet.

Remember to always bet each way as the value is found in the place part of these bets.

When you’re thinking of increasing or decreasing your standard size, you should consider as the bet slip odds increase, you should decrease your stake.

If the slip odds decrease, you can increase your stake. This is good practice to help keep your variance in line.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Lucky Finder?

The beauty of the Lucky Finder is that you’ll find loads of value most days so it's the perfect tool for placing bets any time around your schedule.

However, you’ll find certain periods where you can take serious amounts of EV. For example, betting on Saturdays or big festivals such as Cheltenham will generate the highest value L15 bets with the lowest variance.

The variance is heavily reduced on these days due to an increase in place EV often due to bookies offering extra places and competing with each other to offer higher odds for the more popular races.

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