Matched Betting ‘Same Game Multi Bets’, ‘Pick A Punts’ And ‘Build A Bets’


5 Nov 2020

Updated: 7 Mar 2023

Over the last couple of years the bookies have introduced the option to self-create a multiple bet (or accumulator-style bet) within a single football game.

These bets immediately became very popular among regular punters and as a result several of the bookies started running promotional offers on these ‘same game multi bets’ or 'DIY Build A Bets'. This resulted in a variety of ‘branded’ names popping up among the bookies to refer to these types of bets, including ‘Pick A Punt’, ‘Request A Bet’, ‘Match Combos’, ‘Bet Builder’ and ‘Build A Bet’ – but they are all exactly the same type of bet.

What do these types of bet look like though, and more importantly how can we profit from them in Matched Betting?

(Platinum and Diamond members can view a full guide with video on DIY Build a Bets here)

What Is A Same Game Multi Bet & How Do You Build A Bet At A Bookie?

A same game multi is basically a kind of DIY accumulator bet you can make from different bet markets within ONE specific football game. You can choose pretty much any combination of bets you want – but each has to be from a specific market within the game and can’t contradict a bet selection you’ve already made.

Here’s a quick example from 888Sports’ Bet Builder on a Premier League game between Wolves and Crystal Palace.

On the bookies you normally have to go to a special section to make your same game multi bet. On 888Sport this section is under the ‘Bet Builder’ tab.

You can see in this example our first selection was from the Full Time (or Match Winner) market and was for Wolves to win. As soon as we selected Wolves to win the remaining options (which contradict that bet) were automatically be blocked out.

As an quick example, in the Correct Score market, all the bets that related to the game ending in a draw (e.g. 0-0, 1-1) or Crystal Palace winning (0-1, 0-2 etc.) immediately became unavailable for us to bet on – as these obviously contradict our existing selection of ‘Wolves winning’.

Our second selection was then from the Over/Under Total Goals Market – we selected the bet Under 1.5 Goals.

Our third selection was then from the Both Teams to Score Market – where we could now only choose the option ‘No’.

(For the game to be under 1.5 goals there can only be no goals in the game, or one goal. It therefore becomes impossible for ‘Both Teams to Score – Yes’ in such a situation – that’s why we could only select the ‘No’ bet).

If we wanted we could have then continued to select a few more bets to add to our same game multi bet (e.g. how many cards or corners there might be in the game) – but three bet selections provides a common example of what we’d use for Matched Betting purposes.

In the betslip you can then see the bet is appearing as an accumulator bet would – a multiple or Treble bet but is within the one game rather than across different games like a normal accumulator would be.

The back odds for our single same game multi bet – for Wolves to win, under 1.5 goals in the game, and both teams not to score in the game – are 5.60.

Now we have our back odds for our same game multi we now need to look at laying it off at a betting exchange.

What To Watch Out For When Laying A Same Game Multi, Build A Bet

Be Aware That Not All Bet Builders Can Be Layed Off At A Betting Exchange

We can only lay same game multi bets in certain situations – we don’t always have the option to be able to do it.

This usually happens in the following instances:

  • when the lay odds at the exchange just aren’t close enough to our same game multi bet odds at the bookie to make the bet worthwhile doing (i.e. the Qualifying Loss is just too much to make the offer worthwhile)
  • when the bookies restrict the bets we can select for our same game multi bet making it impossible for us to lay off
  • when the same game multis we can make at the bookmaker, that could normally be layed off at the exchange, don’t meet the terms of the bookmakers promotional offer (for example if the odds of each selection do not meet the minimum required by the bookmaker).

This is why doing same game multis is a bit more difficult than doing a straightforward single bet in Matched Betting. You usually need to spend a bit of time manually assessing whether there’s actually a good same game multi bet option even available before you can proceed with doing any offer.

Basically – there isn’t any quick Oddsmatcher option for same game multis...

Or Is There?

The good news is that our dedicated team and members who are experienced at spotting a good same game multi to do on any particular offer frequently share the best way to do an offer in our Outplayed forum community.

You just need to know where to look:

Alternatively you can also learn how to use the Smarkets Lay Bet Builder Feature as well as the traditional Common Markets Lay Approach, then check for yourself if they lay odds are good enough to do the Qualifying Bet for the offer you’re doing.

How to Lay Same Game Multis or DIY Build A Bets In Matched Betting

Option 1 - The Smarkets Lay Bet Builder Feature

We have been able to lay normal accumulator bets (ACROSS DIFFERNT GAMES) on Smarkets using their easy Lay Acca Feature for some time now.

Recently (August 2022), Smarkets – have extended this feature for laying same game multis too. We will refer to this as the Lay Bet Builder Feature.

This new feature works in exactly the same way as the Smarkets Acca Feature (where you basically add your selections to your Smarkets betslip as BACK BETS FIRST and then click the BLUE SELL button on your betslip to get the lay odds) - but of course, in this instance, all your selections will be WITHIN THE SAME GAME, rather than across different games.

Although this new feature is super easy and quick to use for laying Bet Builders or Same Game Multis, it's worth knowing that your qualifying losses may be higher than using the traditional "Common Markets" methods outlined next.

Option 2 - The Common Markets Lay Approach

If we consider the 888Sport same game multi we created already...

You could ‘translate’ this bet into the following:

Wolves must win PLUS there must be 1 goal or less in the game PLUS only one team can score in the game.

The ONLY outcome that can happen in the game that meets ALL these requirements is Wolves winning 1-0.

Therefore if we lay (bet against) the Correct Score 1-0 at a betting exchange – we will successfully cover our same game multi at the bookie!

Smart isn’t it :)

There are similar same game multi bets we can do this with – here’s a quick list for you:

Another one we've seen members use is 'Player to be First Goal Scorer' + 'Over 0.5 Goals in the Game'. It's possible to lay this by just laying against that player to be the first goal scorer at the exchanges.

Just remember to make sure to choose the direct opposite (or against) bet to what you’ve done at the bookmaker.

For example, if you are picking the away team to win + under 1.5 goals + BTTS No – on Smarkets you would then lay the Correct Score 0-1 (not 1-0 – as that would be the home team win).

If you’re doing same game multi matched bets for the first time and are unsure if you’re choosing the correct lay bet – we highly recommend just posting on the forum or in our Facebook Group screenshots of what you want to do as then one of our team or a member with experience will get back to you quickly.

Even More Same Game Multi Bet Options Are Available With The Multi Lay Bets Calculator

Once you've grasped the basics of placing the single lay Same Game Multi Bets outlined above, it's well worth also learning about the Multi Lay Bets Calculator. This calculator enables you to use Same Game Multi Bets at the bookmakers that require you to place multiple lay bets in order for you to cover them.

A top example is the 'Draw and Under 2.5 Goals'. To lay this correctly we need to place 2 lays bets - one against the correct score to be 0-0 and one against the correct score to be 1-1. The Multi Lay Bet Calculator can do this for us.

There's a top guide on how to use this calculator here.

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