What our members have bought with their winnings!

Jordan Atkinson

21 Dec 2016

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Thinking of getting started Matched Betting? Matched Betting is a guaranteed way to make money. But just how much money can you make and what exactly can you do with it? Have a look at what some of our members' have bought with their winnings; maybe it'll give you a bit of motivation to take the leap...

Members Winnings

  1. Libman has bought himself a brand new Scooter;
  2. Luis88 cleared his £3000 overdraft he took out for University, and put some money toward fees when buying a house;
  3. Chrisbop treated himself to a couple of holidays recently with his winnings, jetting off to Reykjavik and then flying directly to New York;
  4. Floyd1515 has gone down the sensible route by putting his winnings into high-interest ISAs, and as a result, is hoping to pay his mortgage off next year - 20 years earlier than planned;
  5. Scallywag has been rather good to himself with a list of purchase such as: a new convertible sports car, a new computer and tablet, a holiday in Rhodes, and also (perhaps most importantly) many visits to the local brewery;
  6. Stuart1515 has decided to treat the wife and kids by taking them on a holiday to Disneyland Paris;
  7. Sam, the founder of Profit Accumulator, is part of a fairly unique group. He paid off his entire University debt before he even finished his course, he did this with his Matched Betting winnings! It's also part of what inspired him to help other people make money online in the UK!
  8. Perhaps my favourite, and one I'm sure we can all applaud, comes in from forum member Daugan. He has spent his winnings showing his new girlfriend the high-life, as he puts it, and has also offered to make the frequent 60-mile round trip to see her. Rather nice of the bloke! But don't worry, she's fit according to him!

Now What?

So there it is, a brief snapshot of the many different ways our members spend their winnings. Which one looks the best to you? Maybe you'll have a different way to spend your winnings once you get started!

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