Price Boosts (Enhanced Odds Offers) – What they are and why you should be doing them!

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24 Nov 2020


Price boosts, or enhanced odds offers, although one of the simplest, quickest and profitable reload offers to do in Matched Betting are often be overlooked.

The Sky Bet Soccer Special Price Boost offers a top example. Any time Sky Bet run this boost even a relatively inexperienced member can profit from it easily with just 2-3 minutes of ‘work’. Sky Bet has offered this boost nearly 30 times over the last year and the average profit available has been around £1.60 per boost (range about 80p to £3+). Doing every one available therefore would have bagged our members £48 in tax-free profit for a total of an hour’s ‘work’ over the whole year. That is not profit to be dismissed!

Our recommendation is anytime you find a profitable price boost offer, or see one posted in the forum or Facebook Group - do it – no matter how small the profit is. It all very quickly adds up.

What is a Price Boost or Enhanced Odds Offer?

A price boost offer is where the odds (or price) on a specific outcome are increased by a bookmaker from a normal amount to a higher amount. Typically the bookmaker will state what the normal odds were and what the new ‘boosted’ odds now are.

Here’s a typical example from Sky Bet where the horse’s winning odds have been boosted from odds of 1.83 to 1.91.

Nearly all the major bookies offer price boosts like this on horses, football, rugby and most other sports. They can be referred to by different names though – such as enhanced specials or flash odds and similar – so watch out for this.

When does a Price Boost Offer become profitable in Matched Betting?

Anytime you see a price boost offer where the new boosted odds offered by the bookmaker are higher than the lay odds for that outcome on the exchange – you can make a profit.

In the horse Hasty Sailor’s instance the lay odds at Smarkets were higher than the boosted odds at Sky Bet...meaning this boost would not be profitable for us.

A quick look on the Price Boost (No Chat) forum thread though...

...can quickly reveal a good price boost for us to do instead over at Betway...

The lay odds had slightly increased from what was posted in the forum when we went to look, but they were still well below the boosted odds at Betway.

All we have to do now is input this all into our Matched Betting Calculator (in normal mode)...

Then we can see what profit we can make. This boost is great and will give us a quick £2.13 profit for a £10 stake.

Many boosts are frequently restricted to a maximum stake of £10, but sometimes there are no stake restrictions too and members can get £50, £100 or more on them, often for very very good profits...

Yes – this member (and many others who were probably following the Price Boost thread on their mobiles) made £50 in minutes!

This kind of Price Boost also emphasizes how building and maintaining a decent bankroll in Matched Betting can just continuously help you make more and more profits.

What about Price Boost Offers that have multiple outcomes?

A great example of such a Price Boost would be enhanced odds on Liverpool to win 1-0 or 2-0.

With such a boost we need to find a way to lay off both the 1-0 correct score outcome and the 2-0 correct score outcome at the betting exchanges.

We can achieve this with the Multi Lay Bet Calculator. There is a great introductory guide with how to profit from Price Boosts with the Multi Lay Bet Calculator available here.

When does a Price Boost Offer NOT become profitable in Matched Betting?

Apart from when the lay odds at the betting exchange aren’t lower than the boosted odds at the bookmaker the only other time a price boost is not profitable is when we can’t lay it off at the exchange.

On the horse Hasty Sailor, Sky Bet was also offering another boost – on the horse to win by 2.0 lengths.

We can’t lay off a horse at the moment to win by a certain number of lengths – which means we should completely ignore this boost as it is not suitable for Matched Betting.

How much can you make doing Price Boosts in Matched Betting?

If you spend a little bit of time to learn how to do Price Boosts efficiently you can make substantial profits with them.

If we just give a quick consideration of the Price Boosts (No Chat) thread in the forum – there have been 24,000 posts since we first started the thread 5 years ago. As a quick calculation – if we say that’s at least 4000 profit boosts posted a year that have a value of at least £1 – that’s £4000 profit right there. You can see from the examples above though that many are often worth way more than a £1...making the £4000 in available profit estimate quite a conservative one.

Want to start REALLY profiting from Price Boosts?

If you’ve seen our article on the habits of our most profitable members – you will know that reading and learning how to make profit from various offers is their go to before they do anything else.

Here’s the essential reading you need to do if you want to follow in their footsteps and make the most profits you can out of Price Boosts:

Then here are the essential tools you will need:

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