Using A VPN For Matched Betting

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4 Nov 2022


In recent years, VPNs have become a common tool for online gambling. Using a VPN for matched betting offers anonymity and security advantage over traditional methods like credit card verification and email verification.

As a result, you can bet without fear of being tracked or monitored. However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before using a VPN for matched betting. But first, let's check out what a VPN is and what it offers;

What Is A VPN?

The term "Virtual Private Network," or VPN, refers to the possibility of creating a secure network connection when utilising public networks. VPNs mask your online identity and encrypt your internet activity.

This makes it more challenging for outside parties to monitor your internet activities and steal data. Real-time encryption is employed.

How Does It Work?

By allowing the network to route your IP address through a specially set-up remote server operated by a VPN host, a VPN can conceal your IP address. In other words, if you use a VPN to browse the internet, the VPN server becomes the source of your data.

As a result, neither your Internet Service Provider (ISP) nor other parties will be able to see the websites you visit or the data you transmit and receive online. A VPN acts as a filter that encrypts all of your data. Even if someone were to obtain your data, it wouldn't be useful.

When working remotely, you might need to access crucial files on your company's network. This type of information needs a secure connection for security reasons.

A VPN connection is frequently necessary to connect to the network. To lessen the chance of data loss, VPN services connect to private servers and employ encryption techniques.

Can You Use A VPN When Matched Betting?

Since utilising a VPN during matched betting frequently violates the terms and conditions of the bookmaker, it is better to avoid doing so.

Because matched bettors occasionally use VPNs to register under various identities and collect multiple bonuses, bookmakers generally dislike their use. Multi-accounting, often known as gnoming, is this approach.

If a bookmaker believes you are using a VPN, they may close your account and withhold any wins you are entitled to even if you are not engaging in any illegal activity. One of several ways to get around account limits is by not utilising a VPN.

Matched Betting From Outside of the UK

Matching bettors may also utilise a VPN to place wagers outside of their home country, such as whilst travelling. While enjoying the weather abroad, you can't help but consider all the opportunities you are passing up that could earn you extra money.

While matched betting is entirely legal, it becomes questionable if you use a VPN to do it outside of the country. While using a VPN to appear to be in the UK is fine, if you are doing it from a nation where gambling is not permitted, you risk problems.

Some bookies won't let you use their website when you're travelling because of gambling prohibitions in the nation you're visiting. Using a VPN, you might get away with making a few bets, but it's usually best to resist the urge.

Most big bookmakers have technology in place to identify VPN’s being used, so assuming you have money in your accounts from Matched Betting, it’s best to enjoy your holiday and resume your matched betting when you get home.

We at Outplayed 100% recommend avoiding using a VPN when participating in matched betting, but you might elect to do so for your regular internet activities.

Using the free versions of VPNs available tend to be slower and only offer a small selection of IP addresses. Premium versions are quicker and more secure, and offer more features such as pop-up blockers for reducing annoying ads and kill switches for consistent secure browsing.

While not ideal for Matched Betting, VPNs undoubtedly have their uses. However, they really provide you with an additional layer of security and aid in keeping you safe online. Keep in mind that 31% of all internet users rely on or regularly use a VPN service.

When doing matched betting, don’t use a VPN, stay on the right side of the rules and maintain your constant flow of extra money. There’s no need to risk everything for a few anonymous bets.

VPNs are something to think about for general internet activities if you want a little extra security.

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Updated: 17 Jan 2023


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