What Is An Acca Bet?


14 Nov 2022

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Since the conventional outright wagers (“20 quid on Arsenal”), sports betting has advanced significantly.

For the most widely watched sports, there are many different sorts of wagers available. In this post, we'll go over some of the most well-liked and unique wagers, called accumulators. To learn everything you need to know to place these bets at your preferred Sportsbook, read the entire article.

An Overview of Accumulator Bets

If you don't know much about betting, you probably don't know much about accumulators, sometimes known as "Accas." They are a type of multiple bet in which numerous options are combined into a single stake.

The majority of bets on this popular wager type in the UK are placed on football games, however some gamblers also place accumulators on other sports, including but not limited to:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing

Both physical bookmakers and internet sportsbooks accept acca bets. There is a catch to these bet kinds, despite their enormous potential. You must properly predict each leg of the accumulator bet in order to win your stake.

You will lose the entire stake even if only one selection fails. Different bookmakers occasionally run promotions where you can win the whole bet even if you lose one leg of an accumulator wager. However, there are particular guidelines that you must adhere to in order to receive this kind of compensation.

You must have four selections or more on your betting slip for your wager to qualify as an acca. There are accas, sometimes known as legs, that include more than four choices. The maximum number of legs you can bet on is unlimited. The odds of each wager you place in an acca bet are different, therefore before you place the bet, all the odds are combined. This means that if you win the bet, you might receive a very large reward.

4 Fold Acca Example:

  • Man Utd to beat Arsenal 3/1
  • Tottenham to beat Brighton 2/1
  • Chelsea to beat Crystal Palace 1/1
  • Newcastle to beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 4/1

Using Outplayed’s acca calculator, if you bet £10 on this accumulator wager, you may end up winning £1,200. The amount you win is added to the stake of the following event on the bet slip each time a selection wins.

Since you can win £1,200 from a £10 wager in the example above, these kinds of wagers offer a very high payout potential. However, if any of the bets are unsuccessful, you forfeit the entire amount, unless you protect your acca, which is a feature offered by many bookmakers to protect your stake should a leg lose. The caveat with this is that your potential returns decrease.

Accumulator Bet Types

Despite the fact that accas have no maximum limit, few gamblers take the opportunity of placing bets with multiple legs because their chances of winning decrease as more legs are added.

The upside is that the profit also increases. acca bets are only multiple bets with four or more wagers combined, hence it is incorrect to classify bets with two or three picks as acca bets.

  • Accumulators with four legs is called a Four-Fold Acca bet.
  • Accumulators with five legs is called a Five-Fold Acca bet.
  • Accumulators with six legs is called a Six-Fold Acca bet.
  • Accumulators with seven is are called a Seven-Fold Acca bet.
  • Accumulators with eight is are called a Eight-Fold Acca bet.

This goes on. There is no real maximum limit to the legs, but keep in mind the likelihood of a 20 leg accumulator winning is highly unlikely.

Additionally, you can make each-way accumulator bets. By placing them, you wager on the outcome of one choice and the placement of the other. Your chances of winning rise with these wagers, but the payout is lower than it would be with standard accumulators.

On all of the well-known Sportsbook platforms, clients enjoy placing acca wagers. They don't demand high sums and are simple to place bets on. However, the rewards of winning can be thrilling. The ability to earn a sizable sum with a modest investment is what attracts people the most to acca betting.

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