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Betting On Boxing

Boxing is booming in the UK at the moment. With world champions across multiple weight categories and filled stadiums of 90,000+ spectators, it really is a golden era for British Boxing. British heavyweights have breathed new life into a stagnant and dull division. Led by Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury’s return and Dillian Whyte’s rise, and with the spectre of America’s own world champion, the formidable power puncher Deontay Wilder, the heavyweight division is well and truly back in the public’s hearts.

The bookies also love a bit of boxing. Regularly throwing out great offers for the big fights when they happen, and the beauty of the boxing schedule is that these big fights happen multiple times a year. How do you go about boxing on betting though? Read on to find out.

Boxing Betting Markets

Like with any sport, before you bet on boxing you should have a basic understanding of how the sport works, what markets are available and how they themselves work.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports, dating back centuries, so the majority of you reading this will have some idea of how it works. However, let’s just take a look through the basics and possible outcomes as a refresher.

Possible Fight Outcomes

Boxing involves two opponents fighting each other over a set number of rounds. Championship boxing generally takes place over 12 x 3-minute rounds. However, you will also see 10 round fights and also 6 round fights. 6 round fights are normally arranged for boxers first starting out on their professional boxing career. The fight takes place within a ring and outcomes can be:

Knockout (KO)

The big one! What everyone pays to see as it is the most spectacular, and brutal way a fight can end. To win by knockout a boxer must knock his opponent to the canvas. The referee will give the felled boxer a 10-second count to see if they can continue. If they cannot beat the count, then they lose.

Technical Knockout (TKO)

There are a few ways to win by TKO. If the referee deems that one of the fighters is not fit to continue, has severe facial injuries caused by a punch or can no longer defend themselves then the referee can stop the fight. If the fighter’s team feel that their fighter can no longer continue they can throw in or wave a towel to signify to the referee that they wish the fight to be stopped. In some boxing organisational rules, a TKO can occur if a fighter is knocked down three times in one round. If a boxer quits on their stool in between rounds then this is known as “Retired” or RTD. These are recorded as a TKO as well.

Decision (D)

The most common way this outcome occurs is if the fight goes the full distance of rounds with no winner by knockdown etc. This then means that the fight goes to the three independent ringside judges scorecards and a points score is awarded to decide the winner. Boxers earn points per round of the fight adjudicated by the ringside judges. This is normally scored as 10 points for the fighter perceived to have won the round and 9 points to the other fighter. If a knockdown occurs fighters have a point deducted and can also lose points for breaking boxing rules. In some fights, the referee may solely decide who the winner is, however, the most common way is by way of judges scoring.

Technical Decision (TD)

If a fighter can longer continue due to cut or injury not caused by a punch, for example, a clash of heads, then the fight will go to the scorecards and be settled by points. Some governing body rules state that if this occurs in the first three rounds then the fight will actually be settled as a draw.


If a fighter has deemed to have broken the rules then they could get disqualified. Arguably the most famous instance of this was when Mike Tyson decided to take a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear...yummy!

Backing a Winner

When betting on boxing a fighter’s statistics are your best friend when it comes to picking a winner. Forget about the hype, how the promoters are selling it, what the boxers say in the build-up and look at their fighting record. Look and see how they match up against their opponent, do they have a superior reach advantage meaning that they can just jab their way to victory?

If betting on the knockout then look at the knockout percentage of that fighter. But one little warning when looking at stats, always look at who the fighter has actually notched up all those wins against. It is fairly commonplace for promoters to put in “prospects” with journeymen fighters to improve their records. If this is the case then once they come up against a skilled fighter then they are going to get found out.

By studying the form you may well be able to find some good value from betting on boxing but there is a way to maximise the potential profit that you can make long term from boxing betting and that is through the technique of “Matched Betting” with Profit Accumulator.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a way of taking advantage of the hundreds of free bet offers dished out by bookies. Although it has betting in the name there is no real gambling involved as, unlike normal betting, we cover all possible outcomes of an event. This means regardless of the result we can make profit and turn those free bets into real cash!

Keen to Get Involved?

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