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Each Way Odds Catcher

Profit Accumulator's Each Way Odds Catcher is an advanced matched betting tool that helps members maximise profits from horse racing.

The Each Way Odds Catcher allows you to quickly find each-way horse racing bets with low qualifying losses.

What Is An Each-Way Bet?

An each-way bet is two bets rolled into one. The first bet is betting on the horse to win and the second bet is on the horse to place.

In traditional gambling, if the horse wins, then you win both bets, if the horse finishes in the place positions then your place bet wins and your win bet loses. If it fails to finish in the place positions then both of your bets lose. With matched betting, we can neutralise or limit any losses by laying both parts of the bet with an exchange.

Matched Betting On Each-Way Bets

By laying both the bet to win and the bet to place, members can make sure qualifying losses are kept to a minimum.

This can be useful when placing mug bets or, more profitably, for taking advantage of extra-place offers.

For example if Bet365 are paying out five places on a horse race, but the Betfair lay market only shows "four to be placed". This means if you place an each-way bet and your horse finishes fifth, you actually win both bets, which can result in big payouts.

How The Each-Way Odds Catcher Helps

The Each-Way Odds Catcher shows and sorts close matches on each-way horse racing bets, including the each-way back odds with the bookie and the lay odds on both the win and place with the exchange or exchanges.

Members do not have to manually search for close each-way matches and can use Each-Way Catcher to find bets that suit their requirements.

Search results can be filtered by bookmaker, exchange, minimum and maximum rating, extra place offers and timeframe. The TV filter can also be checked, as bookmakers often have offers depending on where the event is televised.

The results include the date and time of the event, the name of the horse, the bookie and exchanges, the odds, how many places will be paid and how many runners are in the field.

The integrated calculator shows a step-by-step guide on what to do and how much to stake on the back and lay bets. The calculator also includes direct links to the bookmakers and betting exchanges.

We have a video tutorial on how to use the each way catcher available to premium members here

Want Access To The Each Way Odds Catcher?

The Each Way Odds Catcher is part of an incredible range of features available exclusively to our Platinum and Diamond members.

If you’re new to matched betting, then grab our free trial to make your first £40+ profit.

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