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Extra place offers can be an extremely lucrative type of Matched Betting reload offer.

If you're new to extra places, we'd recommend checking out our 4 part series which explains how extra place offers work, and how to complete them.

The key to extra places is being able to quickly identify close odds matches on each way bets where there is a low qualifying loss, and a high potential profit.

On a ‘slow’ Extra Place Offer day there can be more than 30 bookies each offering extra places on anything from 1-4 races.

Trying to manually compare the each-way odds at multiple bookies against the betting exchanges, to find profitable extra place opportunities would take up loads of time, and be a really inefficient way to approach extra places.

That's where our Horse Racing Extra Place Catcher comes in...

What Is The Extra Place Catcher?

The Extra Place Catcher is an advanced Matched Betting tool that helps members maximise their profits from horse racing extra place offers.

The Extra Place Catcher constantly compares bookmaker and betting exchange odds on races where extra places are being offered. In doing so, the Extra Place Catcher can instantly identify the best low cost bets available at any given time.

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The Extra Place Catcher knows exactly which bookies are offering extra places, and on what races. For any given extra place bet, the catcher will tell you exactly what lay stakes to use at the betting exchange, based upon your chosen each-way back stake. It will then tell you your qualifying loss, and also your potential profit if your chosen horse finishes in the extra place/s.

Key Features

The Extra Place Catcher is constantly being updated so that it always knows exactly which bookies are offering extra places, and on what races. This means you can find all of your UK and Ireland extra place bets from within the Extra Place Catcher itself.

The Extra Place Catcher can be filtered to only show results from particular bookmakers and betting exchanges. This is very handy if you are only completing extra places with certain bookies, or you only want to place lay bets on one exchange, like Betfair. You can also adjust your default bet size, and create filters based upon the bet rating, odds or implied odds.

A very useful feature is how easy it is to adjust your each way bet stake, and the responsiveness of the Extra Place Catcher to instantly update your lay stakes, qualifying loss and potential profit. For instance, you decide to place a £10 each way bet on Moon Daisy at William Hill.

The Extra Place Catcher tells you that you need to place a win lay of £9.52 at odds of 10.5, and a place lay of £9.03 at odds of 3.10. In doing so, you have made a £1.44 qualifying loss, but with the potential to make a £26.56 profit if your horse finishes in the extra place.

But, before placing your bets, you decide you actually want to place a £15 each way bet. You change the 'E/W Stake' to £15, and the Extra Place Catcher instantly updates to show the new lay bets, and updated qualifying loss and potential profit.

Once you've placed your each way bet, and laid at the Betting Exchange, go back to the Extra Place Catcher. Next to your chosen bet, click the Save icon.

The bet will then be saved to the 'My Bets' section, allowing you to quickly and easily keep track of all of your extra place bets. This is incredibly handy because when you come to check the results of the races, you can see exactly what bets you had, and how much profit you might of made.

Ready To Smash Extra Places?

The Extra Place Catcher is part of an incredible range of features available exclusively to our Platinum and Diamond members.

If you’re new to matched betting, then grab our free trial to make your first £40+ profit.