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The Profit Accumulator Fix A Matched Bet Calculator, known as the Fixabet Calculator, is the tool you absolutely need for fixing mistakes.

Perhaps you have laid the wrong bet at the betting exchange, laid too much on your bet at the betting exchange (also known as accidental over-laying) or you have a partially matched bet at the exchange.

How Does The Fixabet Calculator Work?

The Fixabet calculator features two different modes, cash out mode and part lay mode.

Cash Out Mode

To Fix Incorrect Lay Bets Or Accidental Overlay

The Cash Out Mode is essential in situations where you have laid the wrong bet or wrong market, or have laid too much (such as laying your bet twice by mistake or by laying the wrong stake amount by mistake).

In Cash Out Mode, you simply have to enter the amount you were intending to lay, the amount you have actually laid, and the back and lay odds.

The calculator will then tell you what to back, at what price and for how much. You will also see what your overall profit or loss will be for cashing out your lay bet.

Part Lay Mode

To Fix Partially Matched Bets

The Part Lay Mode is essential if your lay bet has only partially matched at the betting exchange.

In Part Lay Mode you simply have to enter your back stake and back odds, details of your desired lay bet, and the lay bets which have currently matched at the exchange.

The Results section will then open up and tell you how much to lay at the current odds. You will also see what your overall profit or loss will be after placing your additional lay bet.

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