What our members spend their profits on

James McMath

4 Oct 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Matched betting is arguably the best way to make extra money online. Profit Accumulator members use their earnings in a wide variety of ways.

Some save it, others pay off debts and many use their profits to treat themselves and their family.

A thread on our popular matched betting forum invites members to share how they have enjoyed their earnings. Here are some examples.

Football gear for my son

JS3090 said: "Spent upwards of £500 on clothes for me and the family as well as football boots, new football trainers and other football-related gear for my eldest son who is joining a football team this coming season.

"Also bought all of the kid's school uniforms and school shoes."

Helped out my family

Chris2 said: "Helped out family with some of my profits - £2,000 to be precise, half of which has been a contribution towards my brother building his house, looking forward to grow my bank to £5,000 and then get on the property ladder in two years' time. Thank you, PA.

Rocking out

Backspacer said: "Oh, almost forgot: As well as redecorating my house and getting my garden sorted, I also treated me and the missus to tickets to see Guns N' Roses. Pushed the boat out and got golden circle tickets. Pretty damn good view."

Aiming for a million

Matched slotter said: "Bought loads of stuff with my profits. Three or four holidays a year and in the process of a house move. Also investing quiet heavily in cryptocurrency. I currently have £8,000 worth of holdings and will add 10 to 20 percent each month from my earnings from matched betting to this. Hoping this will make me a million within five years (being serious as well).

Next top Mexico

Scallywag said: "Back from two weeks in Cape Verde thanks to PA. See it now before it is over commercialised guys. An eye-opener. Back at it now, as looking at Mexico or Cuba next.

A trip to Cambodia

Snorri85 said: "Currently in Cambodia!"

Lofty ambition

MeNamesJeff said: Got the loft boarded out. latch ladder light the whole shebang. Mrs is in her element now, with all the stuff the newborn has.

Tat's amazing

Morph1976 said: "I've just got myself another tattoo, too. Currently sat on £800 in Smarkets (started in April this year) and still got the big sign-ups to do. My goal is a new motorbike (£5,000) by the end of the season. All thanks to PA.

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