Interview With a Member | Liam

Lauren Shuckburgh

6 Aug 2015

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

I'm still scouting around for more people to chat to about their monthly earnings. We get a lot of new members asking if it's really possible to make those large that we promise you every month.

To show you that it really is possible, take a quick look at my little interviews with Phil and Matt.

Here's another little one with another member Liam who's been with us for quite a while now and is making over £2,000 a month!

How long have you been using matched betting and using PA?
Around 7 months.
What's your average per month?
Have you had any big wins?
A couple! £150 maximum bonus on slots and another £150 with a 'price gauranteed' offer.
What do you do for a living?
A retail manager.
What type of offers do you favour?
Any and all. I do avoid some slot/casino ones based on the variance vs. risk factor.
Are you saving your profits for something in particular?
My mortage. PA is an excellent service that's so easy to follow. I'm good with numbers, love excel and follow sport. This site allows me to use my strengths and profit on watching/following sport. I'm so grateful for stumbling across the site... Keep doing what you guys are doing!

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Liam. Many people are wary of the casino offers as some of them do come with a little risk involved. It's great to see that even people who avoid them are still making consistent profits every month.

If you are a Platinum member and haven't yet seen our no risk casino offers, head to your offers list now and check them out.