Interview with a member | Phil

Lauren Shuckburgh

6 Jul 2015

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Many of you who peruse the Platinum forums will notice the motivational threads posted by James. These are set up to bring everyone together and celebrate your successes, as well as motivate those who might be just starting out or maybe having a bit of a dry month.

On the most recent thread, I noticed a comment from a member named Phil who was celebrating a high profit month, hitting almost £2,000.

We get a lot of messages through asking about the best way to maximise profits, and really I think the most important thing is to understand that it is very possible for you to hit these high targets. It's completely normal to be sceptical and you don't have to spend all of your time matched betting. I had a short chat with Phil to see how he's doing it.

How long have you been using matched betting and using PA?

I started matched betting in March after 6 months of my mate and fellow member Andy Caton telling me to join. II used to think it sounded to easy and I'd end up losing thousands.

What's your average per month?

My average earnings are just going up. Last month was my best month: just under 2k but May was about 1k and April around £800.

Have you had any big wins?

I've had my best wins this month hence the good returns. I had £425 on a Channel 4 racing Saturday and over £700 on Ascot (and I stopped betting after 3 days of it due to work)!

What do you do for a living?

I just started a job as a postman was a self employed bricklayer before that.

What type of offers do you favour?

I like the horses. That's were I make most my money. Plus the football. But I do all of the reloads if I can; Sky Bet, Titan Bet etc. and it just builds up without you noticing. I've just layed my first acca for £2 this weekend so I've got them down ready for the new season.

Are you saving your profits for something in particular?

I've had to use some of my profits for a couple of months of mortgage payments (by moving jobs) and I've treated my son to a trip to Center Parcs and my wife a new hoover... She'll kill me for saying that! But now I'm not taking anything out until I've got a decent bank.

Big thanks to Phil for taking the time to answer my questions! You can see James' full post here.