James’s Matched Betting Diary: September 2017

James McMath

2 Sep 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator's James shares his matched betting diary for September. Read August's entries here.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lovely to have ITV Racing on a Friday! Bonus.

I am off this weekend as it is my little boy's first birthday party, so was pleased to be able to make some money today.

I am setting up a few Bet365 2ups as we will be at home all weekend (as family is coming to us) so I can have a laptop on and lay off if needed.

I also placed all my advantage play accas for the whole weekend today.

Other than that I did:

  • Pricewise Boosts for £25.03
  • William Hill and Ladbrokes Boosts £3.54
  • Bet365 horses no winners -£8.08
  • Come On sent me a reload of £25 deposit bonus if I deposit £50, lost it on the first bet and made £14.03
  • Bet365 sent me a £75 deposit bonus which is all profit as I will be using them anyway
  • I placed the qualifier for my Bet365 Bet £50 Get £50 free offer.

Daily profit: £109.52
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total daily profit: £109.52

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursdays always seem to be the quietest matched betting days and today was no different.
All I did was some advantage play accas and some 2ups.

I did five bets for Bet365 2up and got one winner, Partizan Belgrade who I made £125.38 off a £200 stake on which was great.
I took £22.11 of losses on the other ones.

I will update my advantage play accas after the ones that are still standing finish tomorrow, but the day was a complete disaster! Everton and Bilbao both losing cost me big time.

A few challenge bets placed but none ended.

Daily profit: £103.27
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total daily profit: £103.27

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A much quieter day for me.
I actually didn't do any offers at all other than cashing out the Manchester United 2up bet that I placed yesterday.

This did give me a profit of £425.28, though, so I was very happy.
I also did some in-play challenge bets on the Champions League matches.

Daily profit: £425.28
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total profit: £425.28

Results over the last two days for Advantage Play Accas brought me £155.08 profit.

WON 32.8
WON 64.04
WON 68.24
LOST -10


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This was a very very busy day for me - probably busier than Saturday!
Tuesdays are always quite busy anyway as I will be checking and recording my advantage play acca profits and placing any free bets from them and from other offers I may have done over the weekend. This one, though, was much busier than normal with Champions League on and greyhound offers in the evening.

Today I also did the following:

  • Put a huge bet on Liverpool with 10Bbet as part of my deposit bonus. I underlayed it and they lost. This cost me more than a normal qualifier but means the offer is over very quickly for me and all the money is into the exchange. A total of £804.12 profit,
  • Bet365 2UP I was on but hit on winners and made a loss of £37.85 with my qualifiers.
  • Placed a Bet365 2UP large bet on Manchester United for Wednesday as I got a very good price of 1.6667/1.66.
  • Got a ComeOn reload of Bet £50 get £10 free and made £5.17.
  • William Hill and Ladbrokes Odds Boosts made me £3.08.
  • Coral Risk Free made me £2.87.
  • Ladbrokes in play offer made me £4.50.
  • Betsafe offer made me £7.67.
  • Bet365 greyhounds offer made me £47.18 on 5 races with 1 winner, using the lock in method and stakes between £40 and £80.
  • Paddy Power let me get on their Price Boost in the morning even though I am gubbed and I made £6.13.
  • I placed a lot of in-play mugs and challenges...but 3 challenges failed today costing me £155.

Daily profit: £842.87
Daily mug bet cost: £180.50
Total daily profit: £662.37

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Woken up at a crazy hour by my kids seems less tiring on a Saturday as I am always excited about the prospect of a top matched betting day. Plus, I can often get some decent 2up matches before most other people (and traders) are awake.

I like being busy, busy, busy and today certainly did not disappoint.

  • The 8.30am boosts brought me £44.58 today. I always do some on my decent accounts and as much as I can on my unrestricted but gubbed accounts.
  • Bet365 horses made me no money, though, as I hit no winners and just had £7.13 of qualifying losses.
  • Bet365 2up (my favourite offer currently) went well again.
    I locked in £193.87 on Liverpool and £166.69 on Chelsea.
    I was on quite a few other teams that didn't make me any money and instead I took £32.14 of qualifying losses on those.
  • Coral in-play and Ladbrokes in-play offers made me £4.06 overall.
  • I got a Come On invite offer of Bet £50 get £10 free and made £5.13 from that.
  • 10bet gave me an incredible VIP offer of Deposit £7,500 get £1,500 free, 6x wagering on the deposit and bonus so that is going to take some getting through but there will be some good profit to be had for sure.
  • I also did a lot of in-play mugs and a lot of in-play challenges. Two broke down over the weekend though costing me £30.

Daily profit: £375.06
Daily mug bet cost: £67.18
Total profit: £307.88

My Advantage Play (no lay) Accas results from the weekend.

A profit of £207.32.

  • WON 43.74
  • WON 32.63
  • FREE BET -5.29
  • LOST -20
  • LOST -20
  • FREE BET -5.88
  • FREE BET -6.51
  • WON 67.5
  • LOST -20
  • WON 64.13
  • LOST -20
  • WON 117
  • LOST -20


Friday, September 22, 2017

I got my Betfred free bet from yesterday's greyhound offer and after laying it off I made £2.13.
The rest of the day was very quiet for me, I placed a few matches for 2UP and moved some money around for the weekend.
I then placed a few advantage play accas.
Tomorrow will be much much busier, of course!

Daily profit: £2.13
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total daily profit: £2.13

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A strange matched betting day for me today as I did nothing until the evening.

Then I took advantage of the Bet365 and Betfred Greyhound offers that I have been enjoying recently.

My qualifiers for the Betfred offer cost me £3.84, I am still waiting for the free bet.

With the Bet365 offer I caught some good odds and did stakes from £75 to £100 on three races, hitting no winners but using the lock in method to profit £21.03.

Daily profit: £21.03
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total profit: £21.03

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A couple of big stakes for 2up on Leverkusen and FC Koln but, like yesterday, neither came off and I was £6.05 down.

I finished my deposit £5,000, get £1,000 free 10bet VIP offer this evening. Originally, I won a lot of the bets and underlaying took me up to almost £1,200 in bonus money but some losers since and I have come out of it with £786.13 profit and best of all no money at all left in the bookies.

I will probably ask for another deposit bonus this weekend!

I started a new £100-£200 challenge, which lost on the very first bet as Real Madrid could not even get a draw at home to Betis. A couple in-play challenges lost because of this too leaving me £145 down overall from mug challenges.

Daily profit: £780.08
Daily mug bet cost: -£145
Total daily profit: £635.08

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My first Matched Betting day in over a week.
My time off was nice and the kids had a great time (which is always the main thing as a parent).

Happy to be back at work, though, as I am a workaholic and I love helping people.

Now on to the matched betting I did today:

Most of my day today was spent catching up with the PA forum but I did get on quite a few teams for Bet365 2Up (My current favourite offer).
I had: Leicester, Stoke, Bolton, Brentford, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. Only Leicester went 2 up and too late to make too much of it and I came out of it with a £15.12 loss overall.

I also placed some more bets for my 10Bet deposit bonus offer that I started a while ago.

I continued some in play mug challenges too.

Daily profit: £-15.12
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total profit: £-15.12

Saturday, September 9, 2017


I woke up with my usual Saturday excitement with Bet365 2up, ITV Races and the Premier League back I knew it was going to be a great day!

It started very well for me as I made £50.16 off of the Pricewise boosts using some high stakes on my Bet365 account and also doing quite a few of the boosts on other bookies too.
I am on holiday after today so no accas for me this weekend as I will not be around to lay off any free bets I might receive.

Unfortunately, this also restricted other offers that I could have done this weekend.

There were some really good early morning Bet365 2up prices so I got on some of those and also on some Bet365 horses for the ITV Racing. Sportingbet and Betway offers were not showing up early on so I left those today.


Saturday Afternoons are always a bit manic!
Even without all the PA questions, I have to get on more Bet365 2up matches, watch and adjust on the ITV Races and do any invite offers I got, plus laying off the free bets from the weekly clubs.

The horses only brought me one winner, which was in the first race, but still a profit of £36.08
I did just the one Coral risk-free, which I punted at half time on a Man City 4-0 win and lost so lost £2.84 there after laying off the free bet.
Coral and Betway weekly clubs made me £8.17.
Betway £10 risk free made me £7.10
Betsafe Bet £1 get £25 free made me £18.09(after a convo with their live chat team to get it credited)

Bet365 2up I got a nice lock-in on Tottenham of £257.93 and a massive £741.68 profit on my Watford lock-in.

I also got a lot of good invite only offers this weekend.

Unibet £75 deposit match made me £65.15
ComeOn deposit £50 get £10 free made me £4.03
Betsafe Bet £1 get £25 free made me £18.09 (after a convo with their live chat team to get it credited).
Stan James Bet £20 get £20 free which made me £14.65

Also I had a Betfair Exchange up to £100 refund on losses and I was continuing my 10Bet deposit bonus which started fantastically as my huge stake on Liverpool lost but Brighton winning meant that I will have to do a few bets tomorrow.

I continued a lot of mug bet challenges as usual on a Saturday. 3 actually ended which cost me £75 as they were a £15-£150 one, a £10-£50 one and a £50-£150 one.

Daily profit: £1,116.80
Daily mug bet cost: £75
Total profit: £1,041.80

Friday 8th September

I did no matched betting today or yesterday, as I was getting ready for my holiday next week.
Therefore just Saturday for me now before I go.

Total profit: £0

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I didn't do loads of matched betting today so no need to break it down into morning, afternoon and evening really.

The matched betting I did:

  • William Hill Free Spins £0
  • Bet365 Free Spins £0
  • William Hill Odds Boost £1.02
  • Ladbrokes Odds Boost £1.43
  • I also started the qualifying bets for the Coral and Betway weekly offers.
  • I also placed two horse bets for the 10Bet deposit reload I am doing and they both lost at decent stakes. If things go well I could potentially finish it this weekend.

Daily profit: £2.45
Daily mug best cost: £0
Total profit: £2.45

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


This morning was spent laying off the free bets from the weekly clubs that I hadn't done.
The weekly clubs I do pretty regularly are the ones from Coral (though not the in store part), Betway and Betsafe. I also do the RealDealBet and 10Bet acca offers.
This week they made me a total of £15.16

I continued my 10Bet deposit bonus offer this morning too. I have had a few winners so far but thanks to underlaying my way through the bonus I have actually turned the £1,000 into £1,105.


The William Hill and Ladbrokes boosts for me today brought in £4.06 and the Ladbrokes risk-free brought in £9.11 as it won and I got a nice match where the odds moved in my favour quickly.


I am enjoying the Bet365 Greyhound offer at the moment and (again using the lock-in method). I did five races and made £48.04.

I did a lot of in-play mug bets tonight and also 2x £5 challenges came to an end.

Daily profit: £72.31
Daily mug bet cost: £21.13
Total daily profit: £51.18

Saturday, September 2, 2017


No domestic football for me so today I just concentrated on the horses.
I didn't make anything off Pricewise but got on some decent matches and the whole morning was spent getting close matches for the ITV Racing.


I left alone all the tennis offers and just did the ITV Racing.
I had a very good afternoon getting two winners each for SportingBet, Betway and Bet365.

I also continued some mug bet challenges on the International matches and 1 of my £5-£50 pre match challenges came in making me £50 there which helped to make it an decent day even without the Bet365 2 up offer or any accas.

Daily profit: £153.50
Daily mug bet cost: £0
Total profit: £153.50

Friday, September 1, 2017


I started the day placing some more matches for my 10bet VIP deposit offer.
Last night most of them lost so I am in a decent position today and could even get this finished over the weekend.
I then did the odds boosts for William Hill and Ladbrokes and made £4.11.
Betfred had a great price boost that I did for £3.96 profit.


The Ladbrokes risk-free today made me £6.10.

A good amount of offers this evening.
I did the Ladbrokes Bet £20 get £20 (4x£5 free) and made £13.08
Both my Coral in play risk frees one so I made an instant £13.87
I also got my Coral free £5 through and made £2.45 (after qualifying losses).

I also had a nice win on the SkyBet low-risk slots offer and made £42.45.

I continued some mug bet challenges on the International matches in the evening.
2 of them lost though so I lost £15 there.

Daily profit £86.02
Daily mug bet cost: £15
Total profit: £71.02

No-lay acca profit for 2017-18 season: £620.76