Matched betting FAQ

Lauren Shuckburgh

19 Aug 2015

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Eager to make money from betting, but have one or two questions that are putting you off getting started? No fear - here at Profit Accumulator, we have compiled some of the questions that are most frequently asked about matched bets, together with our informed answers.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is basically about placing opposing bets on the same event so that regardless of the outcome, you still win. This is possible thanks to the 'free bets' and other offers that bookmakers present to encourage you to sign up with and continue betting with them. Free bets are a potentially great risk-free way to bet on events to generate easy money.

How profitable is matched betting?

In a word: very. Great numbers of people are adding between £1,000 and £2,000 to their monthly income through matched bets, even if they don't have much time to spare to take advantage of the latest offers.

What are the risks of matched betting?

The nature of matched betting, whereby you bet for and against the same event to cover your risk, theoretically takes all risk out of the process. Human error is the only real risk with matched bets, but it can also be a big risk if you don't know the strategies that you need to succeed.

This is where Profit Accumulator comes in. We've developed a brilliant member interface that points you towards the most profitable current offers and guides you through the various steps. Genuinely unlimited customer support further helps to prevent you getting anything wrong.

Is it legal?

It certainly is - as admitted by the betting industry itself, Graham Sharpe from William Hill having said: "There's no illegal element. It's a free bet and you can do what you like."

Couldn't online betting harm my credit score?

Your credit rating is not affected by depositing at gambling sites - indeed, most online bookmakers do not even perform a credit check, meaning that you can make money online genuinely guilt-free.

What is the best sport for matched betting?

The short answer is that it really doesn't matter - many of those using our own service here at Profit Accumulator don't even care about sports betting. Matched bets are all about getting the process right, for which we do all of the arduous work for you.

Here at Profit Accumulator, we focus on football and horse racing, thanks to their sheer popularity and lots of promotions that make it easier to place matched bets. Football also has the advantage of stable odds, while horse racing is a little more advanced.

A good example of a sport that is quite advanced in the number of other rules that govern it is tennis, which we would therefore not recommend to newcomers to matched betting.

Any further questions? Get in touch with Profit Accumulator now - we're always ready and waiting to answer your queries, whether or not you are yet a paying member with us.