Matched betting profits: What members spend their money on

James McMath

22 Mar 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

It's a great way of earning extra money from home and matched betting can make a significant difference at the end of each month.

Whether it's a couple of hundred pounds on the side or into the thousands, Profit Accumulator members notice the extra tax-free income.

For some, matched betting could help pay bills and clear debts, while others spend their money on treating themselves and their families.

Here's what some members of PA's matched betting forum have spent their matched betting returns on.

How matched betting profits have been spent

Rugbydog: I've just been to New Zealand to see my daughter. No credit needed and the whole thing cost around £2,000 including spending money. Couldn't have done it without matched betting.

Fisherm3: Last year paid for my wedding and holiday to Disney Orlando. This year I've had a log cabin/man cave/gym/ chill area at the bottom of my garden fitted with a load of garden work also done.

Dizzy: I took the kids to Lapland just before Christmas on my winnings - was a fab day, would love to go again! Saving up now for Saint Martin.

mynameisdan: Had a bumper month (for me) in January so dipped into my profits for a few belated Christmas pressies. Treated myself to a boxed Megadrive II with a shedload of games because selling my original one was one of the worst mistakes I ever made! Also decided it was time for a new phone, so out with my old Galaxy S3 and in with a OnePlus 3T.

dt05: I've renewed our merlin passes and joined national trust and historic houses association again. Lots of fun days out planned.

tcrovers: After 18 months on PA the wife and I are due to go on our honeymoon, 9 nights in Florida, 8 nights in the French Polynesia and three nights in Hong Kong. Pretty much wiped the bank but worth every penny!

georgelegacy: I'm 22 and it really does help out. Currently saved enough for a deposit on my first buy-to-let property, hoping the increased income streams means I can keep growing the portfolio.

barneyrubs: I've just finished my first month of PA and made £450 first month - very happy with that. I'm aiming to make at last £6,000 this year. Most of that will be going towards a deposit for a house along with a few luxury purchases.

RSRichard: Freedom! PA has paid my bills for the last four months while I quit a job that was so stressful it was making me ill and risking breaking up my family.
I have now got an amazing new job, family life is wonderful and I feel great! I can't put a price on that!

konczal: Started MB in September, just off maternity with reduced hours and childcare making money really tight, paying the bills but nothing spare. Now I've paid for Christmas, we're going to Antigua in April then I'm planning to start hitting some mortgage over payments. Made life less stressful.

Radcliffe13: I started almost a year ago, it seemed too good to be true and my family were not keen as they thought I would be gambling and losing lots of money.
Well I soon learnt how to matched bet and I can say that it has helped change my life this year. It helped me clear all my debts on credit card, my car loan and student loan. This has now given me the freedom to reduce my hours to part-time in the new year, so I can reduce my stress levels and actually spend time with my family rather than working 60 plus hours a week and feeling exhausted at the weekend. I don't take matched betting for granted and it might not last forever but I am very grateful for now. I have also enjoyed it mostly and have a new found interest in lots of sports!