What Our Members Bought With Their Profits: Episode 2

Jordan Atkinson

13 Dec 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

We're constantly updated by our members in the Motivational Thread on what they've bought with their matched betting profits. It's always nice to hear how matched betting is helping our members to treat themselves and it also helps boost morale within our community. Feel free to let us know what you've bought with your profits and we will feature you in our next episode!

Have a read of what our members have been buying this last couple of weeks:

#1 - Enkeli - First car and a family trip to the Cotswolds

#2 - Dabbaz - Recording breaking month already so treated his little sister to a new laptop

#3 - TheBigDog - Treated his cat to a brand new bed

#4 - Stocko30 - Broke £300 already for December, buying Christmas presents and saving for a mortgage

#5 - Mike Hunt - 55" 4k TV and a new Xbox One X! (big spender)

Use your profits for anything...

As you can see, our members use their profits on a wide range of things. It's extra cash in their pocket each and every month that they can spend as they see fit - who doesn't need some of that now?

Give it a go

If you're looking to give matched betting a try but want to test the water before you pay for our membership then you're in luck. We offer a FREE trial that gives you access to two offers that will let you earn up to £45. Give it a go now and we promise you won't look back.