What Our Members Earned in January 2018!

Jordan Atkinson

4 Feb 2018

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Our January 2018 Profits Thread is going off this month with our members letting us know exactly how much cash they made for the month of January. It helps boost morale with members and lets you know just how much can be made from matched betting when you put the hours in! Here's our pick of the best profits and the best stories behind the profits:

Mb luchador - Matched betting part time but still made £800-£1000 for the month - with a mistake thrown in too. Can't be bad to that...

Warmapple - £1059 for January, his best month to date!

StelsB231 - Only the second month in and already breaking the £1000 barrier

KingyRam5 - Another part time matched bettor but still making over £500 in profit for January

MickyD94 - Only 3 weeks of matched betting and still passed £1500 in profit

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