Profit Accumulator Affiliates - Traffic Logs And Optimisations

Hannah PA

24 Jun 2020

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

In your iDevAffiliate you can see where your traffic is coming from by looking at your traffic log:

Here you can see when (the date and time) your traffic used your link, the IP address they came from and the referring URL.

What does N/A - Possible Bookmark or Email Link mean?

When you see this under the referring URL it means iDevAffiliate didn’t receive the referring URL information when the link was clicked on, so it is assumed that the link was clicked from a bookmark or email link (and that is why there is no referring URL).

How can I use my traffic log to optimise?

If you have a lot of traffic coming from outside of the UK, it is worthwhile understanding how people might be finding your links and trying to increase the number of people from the UK seeing your URL as Profit Accumulator is full of UK bookmakers and offers - so people coming from the UK will convert better.

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