Having 6 Kids Hasn't Stopped Dave From Making BIG Profits!


20 Jan 2022

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

Date of Interview:

7th January 2022

What's your name and where are you from?

Dave, and I’m originally from the beautiful seaside resort of Llandudno. Now living in Old Colwyn, up in the hills of North Wales.

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have 6 kids, ranging from 4 months to 17 so I’m busy enough without the betting!

It’s good practice though for coping with the organisation involved in matched betting.

No acca will ever be as big a challenge as getting the kids ready in the morning!

My partner Allie works as a carer and I work in the office as a property development manager (very handy having a laptop in front of me all day long :P).

How long have you been a member of Profit Accumulator?

Since February 2021 full time, but I was a member of the Facebook group long before then. It just took a while for me to get into it properly.

Can you remember how you first heard about Matched Betting and what you initially thought about it? What convinced you to give it a go?

In the past, I was a big better with the bookies but I always looked out for the offers. It got to a point where I would very rarely do a bet without there being an offer on the table. I had also dabbled in stocks and shares with some redundancy money from an old job and was successful so I knew how markets work.

I think I saw an ad on Facebook and joined the group. Initially I only used it to find out what offers were on with each bookie. But slowly I started to go through the tutorials and learn about how to do it properly.

Once I signed up for Smarkets and started laying bets the money came in steadily and I thought I’m gonna have a bit of this! So gradually I spent more and more time dedicating myself to it.

Had you ever placed a bet before Matched Betting? Did you know anything about sports at all?

Yes many bets! I have a decent knowledge of football, darts and a couple other sports.

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn Matched Betting?

At first very confusing and I still struggle with extra places. I find you have to be very quick to get a match but like anything you find workarounds and I’ve found a good system that works for me and I’m able to place and lay in seconds now.

What was your starting bankroll (or cash float)?

I never really had one I just used to top up when I needed too. On a Saturday though my exposure can often top 2k. It’s definitely an advantage having a bigger bank roll as you can take all the offers.

One thing to remember is that Sky free bets don’t have a deadline so don’t waste your bank roll doing those on busy days and equally remember that Betfred free bets run out very quickly so lay them as soon as you get them!

How much profit have you made so far?

As of the end of 2021 - £14,313

Check out Dave's recent post in our Facebook Group.

Have you bought anything nice with your profit? Or are you saving up for something special?

Nothing in particular but I have definitely noticed having much more disposable income.

Do your family and friends understand how you have made the money?

Not really. I tell them it’s not gambling it’s backed up but I’m not sure they believe me.

Are you a person that tracks everything or do you just roughly tot up your total profits every week or so?

I track everything, the old fashioned way!

Using a page-a-day diary.

I reckon I’ve worn out dozens of pilot pens!

How much time do you think you spend Matched Betting? When do you tend to do most of your offers?

Pretty much every day. As I’m at work in the office I can drift in and out looking for offers, so probably only spend a couple of hours or so in total (unless I’m doing sign up offers which take a bit longer).

On a weekend I can sit solidly for a good few hours. On some Saturday’s I’ve been known to be doing this from about 8am until 5pm solid but as I get more experienced the time spent goes down.

What kind of offers do you do to make money now?

Mainly sports offers, although casino offers is something I want to do more of when I have time.

Always check the price boosts thread and I always underlay everything.

You can make a solid income from Paddy and Sky alone and anything else is a bonus.

How have you found PA's services so far? What are your favourite features?

I use Andy’s Facebook post every day as a template and check the price boost thread at least once an hour pretty much all day and a lot of the night.

Price boosts are the way to make the most money.

I had an email from Paddy Power the other day saying my biggest win last year was a horse racing single of £1000. From what I can remember I laid this off at a much lower price on Smarkets and made about £200 alone from that one.

BOGS (Best Odds Guaranteed) can be very nice as well. My advice is do as many bets (on offers) as possible, turnover as much as you can. You’ll make good steady profits and a couple of times a week will get a couple of delighters which will put you in very good profit.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting Matched Betting?

Don’t rush into it, a mistake can cost you money. Ease yourself in and check everything again and again especially at first.

If you do make a mistake shrug it off and carry on, you’ll eventually make the money back.

What would you say to people who think Matched Betting is a scam, gambling or too good to be true?

I would say look for yourself. Sign up to Matchbook and see that they are offering you a treble to sell at 8.8 and Sky are offering you exactly the same treble at 11. It’s free money, what can’t speak can’t lie!

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who has just started Matched Betting?

Bookies (and more recently exchanges) will harass you for documents it can be extremely frustrating. Make a folder in your computer containing your passport or driving license and a utility bill in your name dated within the last 3 months. Plus pictures of your bank card. Also have these documents readily available on your phone it will save you time and effort.

Take every single offer you can, don’t worry about being gubbed if it’s going to happen it will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. Take what you can when you can.

What advice and tips would you give to a PA member who’s just about to start doing reload offers?

For me in my past life I had at one time or other gambled with just about every single bookie so I pretty much started on reloads.

Check the price boosts thread regularly. Get good at placing matched bets on horses for the refund offers, but don’t worry as that skill will come naturally in time.

Finally some quick-fire questions...

Football or Horse Racing?


Forum or Facebook?


Betfair or Smarkets?

Neither! Matchbook all the way

Sports or Casino?


...and finally, a word or short phrase to sum up how you feel about Matched Betting with PA?

Never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, there’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.

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