Craig Has Passed £5,000 In Profit

Jordan Atkinson

19 Jan 2018

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

What's your name?

Hi, my name's Craig.

Whereabouts do you live?


Are you married, kids etc?

I have a partner of 4 years but not married and no kids.

If you work, what is your job?

I work for O2.

How long have you been a member of PA?

Since August 2016, so coming up on 18 months.

How did you hear about it - were you sceptical at first?

I came across matched betting on Google, which then led to Profit Accumulator. I did quite a lot of reading on how it worked before I signed up just to ease my mind.

How have you found it - how much do you make from it?

It's one of the best things I've ever done. Since the start of 2017 I've passed £5,000 in total profit.

What do you do with the profit you make?

I use it for all sorts. I try and keep a good amount in my bank to cover offers but I spend a lot of my profits on mundane stuff such as bills, groceries, restaurants and nights out. I just use it as extra wages.

How much time do you spend on matched betting?

Hard to put a figure on it specifically as it changes a lot. I'd say around 4 hours a week on average.

Why does matched betting appeal to you?

It's like having a bigger salary! Gives me more spending power and just makes my life easier really.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of trying matched betting?

You could be like me very easily. I'm not particularly smart and was never too successful when it came to betting, but now I'm beating the bookies consistently and have made over 5 grand. It's a gift.

Are there any aspects of Profit Accumulator you particularly like?

Love the forum community. There's a wealth of knowledge on there for continuing to make profit, so it really is a godsend.