Meet the members: Anthony's matched betting experience

James McMath

8 Feb 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator is home to thousands of members who earn cash through matched betting every month.

We have a thriving forum, where users share tips, advice and chat, as well as a large following on social media.

Here, we find out a bit more about one of our members.

What's Your Name?


Do You Have Family?

In a relationship, no kids.

What Is Your Job?

I work in a factory for a label printing firm.

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How Long Have You Been A Member Of PA?

For just over a year.

How Have You Found It?

It was daunting at first but soon got to grips with it. I'm big fan of sports but never been a fan of gambling.

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How Much Time Do You Spend On Matched Betting?

Probably an hour a day and then three to four hours on weekends.

Why Does Matched Betting Appeal To You?

Match Betting appeals as its given me the opportunity to do things that I wasn't able to do before and got me out of debt.

What Do You Do With The Profit You Make?

Originally, the profit was to clear debt, now its used to invest in other ventures (property) and it enables me to fulfil my passion for travel.

Are There Any Aspects Of Profit Accumulator You Particularly Like?

I think the best aspect - besides money - is the community. The amount of work members of the community does for matched betting is impressive.

Truth be told, the community does more in terms of helping people to continue making profit in terms of advice, spreadsheets, etc. - more than PA or any other matched betting site does.