Despite little to no knowledge on betting or sports, Emma's used Matched Betting as a way to make money whilst on maternity leave.


8 Sep 2021

Updated: 14 Nov 2023

Date of Interview:

Saturday 14th August 2021

What's your name and where are you from?

Emma, Leeds

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m married with a one year old little girl and two cats. I work full time normally, but I’ve been on maternity leave for the last year since having my daughter!

How long have you been a member of Profit Accumulator?

I joined in April 2021.

Can you remember how you first heard about Matched Betting and what you initially thought about it? What convinced you to give it a go?

I was looking into ways of boosting my income on maternity leave before I fell pregnant, as we knew that cash was going to be tight for a while. My husband wasn’t keen and put me off as “I’d need to know what I was doing properly” so the idea was put to bed for a while.

Later down the line when I was 8 months into maternity leave, I had some money become available. I knew that I was getting close to having zero income, so thought I’d give the £1 trial a go – there wasn’t much to lose!

Had you ever placed a bet before Matched Betting? Did you know anything about sports at all?

The most I’d ever done was ask my husband to put £2 on the Grand National! I know next to nothing about sports – I can only just wrap my head around what the offside rule is!

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn Matched Betting?

It was genuinely so easy! The videos explained everything and I’d got an understanding of how it worked within 15 minutes. It was a bit nerve wracking waiting for the first bets to settle, but I’ve never looked back.

What was your starting bankroll (or cash float)?

£330 – I’d lost my wedding ring and this was the money that my insurance has paid out, and as my ring was being made, the money was going to be sat in my bank account for a couple of months.

How much profit have you made so far?

I’ve made over £1500 profit in under 4 months!

Have you bought anything nice? Or are you saving up for something special?

Having access to some extra money whilst I’ve been at the end of my maternity leave has meant that we’ve been able to breathe a bit easier when our bills are due to be paid – we’ve always got a safety net to fall on by emptying my accounts.

We had very little disposable income planned for whilst I’ve been off, however one decent casino win of over £300 meant that we could celebrate our second anniversary properly – we didn’t even get to celebrate our first one properly due to COVID, so this felt extra special.

Do your family and friends understand how you have made the money?

They understand that I’ve made money from betting, however they don’t fully understand how it works. My husband understands it though!

Are you a person that tracks everything or do you just roughly tot up your total profits every week or so?

When I was in the first few weeks and still getting the hang of it I tracked every single bet. Now I tot up every week or so, depending on how busy I’ve been with the bookies

How much time do you think you spend Matched Betting? When do you tend to do most of your Matched Betting?

Being a mum to a young child, it really varies! Some weeks it’s just an hour or two across the whole week, other times I can spend a few hours a day (when she’s asleep!), especially if there’s a lot going on at the weekend (Euros etc).

What kind of offers do you do to make money now?

I think the biggest earners for reloads for me are horse refund offers – especially the SkyBet and Paddy Power ones, and BBL is always there too! I do like to do casino offers too, especially if all my exchange money is tied up.

(Glossary of terms and links to relevant guides available at end of the article)

How have you found PA's services so far? What aspects do you like the most?

Absolutely brilliant. The staff in the Facebook group are amazing (does Andy ever have a day off?). I couldn’t live my matched bettor life without the OddsMatcher tool or the calculator. I’m a big fan of the BlackJack calculator too.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting Matched Betting?

If you can get hold of a bit of money to do the initial sign ups, do it!

What would you say to people who think Matched Betting is a scam, gambling or too good to be true?

I thought so too at first! Give the intro videos a watch to get your head around it.

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who has just started Matched Betting?

Keep a record of all the bookie accounts you’ve got, they start to amount very quickly and before you know it you could end up losing track of who’s got your money. Also, get a good amount of accounts under your belt before you start with any of the reloads.

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who's just about to start doing reload offers?

Try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of reload offers that there are. Pick a few (e.g. loyalty clubs, bet and gets) and get the hang of them before moving onto something new. Save the more complex offers like EPs and 2ups for later on down the road.

Finally some quick-fire questions...

Football or Horse Racing?
Horse Racing

Forum or Facebook?
Facebook – big love to Andy!

Betfair or Smarkets?

...and a word or short phrase to sum up how you feel about Matched Betting with PA?

Thanks for all the extra money!

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BBL - (Beaten by a Length) A type of Horse Racing Refund reload offer. (Also see 'Money Back if X Offers' for examples of horse racing reloads)

2ups - A more advanced Matched Betting reload known as the football 2up early-payout offer

EPs - Extra Place Horse Racing Offers (an advanced type of Matched Betting reload offer)