Kasey uses her profits as a second income

James McMath

14 Sep 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Kasey, from Portsmouth, has been a member of Profit Accumulator for more than two years. She shares her matched betting story.

I currently work part-time as a retail merchandiser. I'm also a musician (singer/bassist), but not in a band at the moment, having had three bands fall through just at the point of being gig-ready. Very frustrating!

I can't honestly remember how I heard about PA, but I've been a member for more than years. I was sceptical at first - my father was a gambler, so I became very anti gambling - but as I needed the money, I decided to 'risk' the £10 sign up with the first bookie and I've never really looked back since.

I don't make huge profits because I've been using my profits to supplement my income, rather than claiming benefits.

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I haven't been spending as long on matched betting over the last few months, mainly because of the football closed season, but I reckon I spend about ten to 15 hours per week either on the forum or matched betting itself, mostly at the weekends. That's already starting to build up again with the football being back.

I recently had some car troubles and had to use profits to sort that out, so I'm about starting again at the moment.

However, I'm grateful that I was able to sort my car troubles in the first place. That's the beauty of matched betting and why I enjoy doing it!

I would advise anyone thinking of joining to go ahead and do it. It's definitely worth a go and if it doesn't suit, well, you can stop. I struck it lucky on Saturday, with the Mr Green five free spins. I ended up making £108 profit.

It took a few hours to grind through the roll-over - not all in one go and not all on the same game - but I stuck it on auto spin, checked my balance every 50 spins or so and was delighted to see my bonus balance had become my real balance!

There's so much help and advice via the forum and I think that's the aspect that I like most about PA. It's its own little community!